Sunday, March 6, 2011

Play or Display

March 6,2011

I left the bedroom lights on again and snoozed off while the laptop was alive and kicking. Hmm...I hope I do not deplete or ran out the battery too much that it would require a replacement.

Movie time Saturday night was fun. Gnomeo and Juliet was entertaining enough. I was just disappointed that the interview of the lead characters Emily Blunt and James McAvoy proved to be a bit misleading. They were talking about plots that were not part of the movie. They were probably kidding the interviewer or flirting with each other as they were discussing procreation of Gnomes.Any rate, I was misled and did not relish it one bit.

Marina was so philosophical when after the movie, she asked her dad and myself the learning lesson for us in the movie. Her dad has a long list of the up there Values. I did not give in. I was still in my No Talking mode with her dad. So here she was trying to patch things up for us. Hehehe. She is so adorable.

It has been almost a week now that I have been down with a flu virus or something. I slept a lot and never seem to get my energy back. The ECG my OB recommended came out normal but still I am quite frustrated to find the answers to my questions as to my over all health and heart status.

Maybe the jump in my weight in less than a month to 3 kilograms is an indicator of something. Baby in the belly is not only like fireworks in the 4th of July, but...he/she seems to be an acrobat of some sort. My goodness the movements it exhibits!!! Making me sometimes feel a little weird and out of this world because, I somehow have an inkling that...oops, that was his/her hands or wait, that seemed to be his/her knees or some other body part. More often than keeps Marina and I so amused with the shapes the baby makes with my oversized belly. I was roused from my nap when it bounced one afternoon.
Ok, the morning sky has 2 hues. A cool blue and a hazy grey film over the Manila or bay area. Sunny enough for my Sunday and I feel much better. Breathe better without the stuffy colds and cough of one week. Phew. Terrible.

My TO DO list is quite formidable.
But, with God’s grace, I will accomplish them.
First thoughts on March 6 reflections of Sara Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance book:
She encourages me to have my own toy chest. She quotes Martin Buber who says; “ Play is the exhultation of the possible.”
Hmm... watching my daughter in her make believe play when she is alone is quite a refreshing sight.
She has so much energy that I wish...I could have just a little bit of.
She loves movement and dance.
Making a mental note to catch her in a video when she does her belly dancing moves. On the other hand, I am quite reserved by the fact that it is quite sensual...and being a parent...I am not quite sure to encourage it of her or not.
She reminds me of our up coming pampering day and maybe...that would be our best play time ever again.

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