Monday, March 7, 2011

Comfort Drawer

Sarah starts her reflection for today with this line:
Life requires that we prepare ourselves for the inevitable times that try our souls.
She recommends outfitting ourselves with our very own comfort filled drawer with essentials that lift not only the body but most especially the soul.
It may include: a box of indulgent chocolate, tin can of beautifully shaped cookies etc.
Anything that can lift our tired and harried souls from the daily grind.
Watching my very own miniature wise person, I get a good dose of philosophical sense each time...that anything is possible and life is for celebrating even with a broom tucked under her like a horse while she gallops around with a stick like a victorious soldier coming from battle.
Listening to her sing while in the shower because a treat is awaiting her after her chore...a promise of another movie afternoon that gave us good clean hearty laughter.
Gulliver’s Travel with Jack Black is a good commentary on not putting ourselves down.
She reminds me of her dream to have an art exhibit in the Museo Pambata while she reflects on her art works by the refrigerator door.
It tells me never to steal away her dream or even the chance of the possibility of this to bloom into a reality.
This weekend has been most challenging again us my ready help has not been afforded me.
Again, reminding me of the need to nudge myself a bit more in terms of forgiveness and understanding.
If life throws you lemons, it is time for a lemonade.
I have just encountered the news article of a woman who is known to be a Hiroshima Mom cause she accepted a writing job/study grant in Japan. Making her decide to leave her children in the care of others and her estranged husband.
It was in direct contrast to what Amy Chua, a celebrated author of a book that deals with why Chinese parents/culture is comfortable in dominating their children as Tiger Moms to make them excel.
Well, the bottom line is...different strokes for different folks.
There is no one size fits all pattern for parents and children.
Last Saturday, I refused to allow my daughter to go for her Drum and Lyre practice because her baby sitter/companion was not around.
She is really wondering out loud now, why she cannot be allowed to walk to church by herself and do this alone while her play buddies are allowed.
Limited explanation is offered her at this point.
At other times, it is quite lengthy and emotional.
Suffice it for the moment be...I am a LION MOM and these times are trying times for the LION MOM and the Lion mom wants to be all eyes on her just to make sure all is well at the end of the day.

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