Wednesday, May 14, 2014

VLOG Number 1

Magnificent May 14.2014

I am blogging for yesterday.

Since the scorching heat has descended here in the land of sands, our activities has moved more to the early evening so we can make the best of the cooler air. We love, of course, going to the nearby park.

We had our badminton games in the common area of our flats, which I prefer to call, our courtyard ( please excuse my frustration of English estates and castles, hahaha!)…anyway, we started at 6pm.. to avoid the heat.

Yesterday, we started around 5pm, and oh me oh my, it felt like a sauna bath.

Very good for burning fat.

Here is a recap of my food intake:

Breakfast:  Kellog’s cereals    ( 1 bowl) with sugar and milk  
( making a mental note to use honey next time)

Lunch:  yummy and lovingly prepared Vietnamese Spring Rolls.      ( maybe had more than 7 rolls) while Marcelina had around 5. Happy mom!

Snacks:  handful of raisins &  fried peanuts ( cooked by Ruel)

Dinner:  5  rolls  leftover from Lunch and approximately  1 bowl  of Vermicelli soup with minced chicken meat and carrots plus  yellow ginger, onions and garlic with a few slices of Baguio Beans.

As to my water intake, 10 glasses. Very good. I will try to measure our glass as to how much it really can contain tomorrow.

I did a video earlier....VLOG, but, it takes like forever to upload it. I still have yet to find a way on how to do it faster.

My goals for tomorrow, be more accurate in my measurements of my food portions.

Thank you God for another  fulfilling day!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello Quinoa!

Magnificent May 7,2014

Tonight, my dear friend Jazeela introduced me to her cooking.

Yummy spicy chicken with lots of Capsicum.  So yummy!

She paired it off with sauted Quinoa.

She has been raving about this to me.

And I am now a passionate believer.

I just love this  discovery.

It is a good source of dietary fiber, protein, calcium, Vitamins and minerals.

It is almost like a cereal grain but it is of the grass family.

The seeds are the one that is edible.

I ate a handful and it was filling enough.

My goodness, I am going to hunt it in Lulu. It cost QR44/ 450 gm. And comes all the way from Peru.

I believe,  its nutritional and dietary benefits is worth every Riyal.

Thanks to Jazeela again, I know my latest weight. I hesitated to print it since, it is quite frustrating after the more than 2 months of no rice.

The  softdrink and super fatty burgers and fries we ate the other night for Mari’s bday  might be the culprit.

Tonight as well, since  we were invited by another neighbor for their daughter’s 6th bday  party  I onceagain broke the resolve to stay away from the  Coke.

Again, tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Marina!

Marvelous May 4,2014

Last night I saw pictures of you when you were almost 1 year old.

It was Ninang Hazel’s photos that I haven’t seen yet.

I am so amazed at how time flies.

Tomorrow, my dear Victoria Marina, you will have made me a mother for 11 years now.

You are my first born.

My trial and error.

I am writing to you openly, because, you are my first avid blog fan…as I am your first cheerleader.

I thank you for coming to my life, for making it richer and more colorful.

It has not been an easy ride.

There are times I feel lost and confused and frustrated  on how to become the best mother to you.

Do  continue to forgive Mama, when I am not so loving, and more stern to you.

Do remember the many, many times, Mama truly, made you feel LOVED and SPECIAL.

Because you truly are, LOVED and very SPECIAL.

Giving you the gift of a sister, does not make that LOVE any less, nor you LESS SPECIAL.

Mama’s heart is so big and wide, it can accommodate you both comfortably, with more, overflowing for refill.

Thank you for being  just you, my artist in residence, my future Consellor, who can argue and debate with me and put me in check when I am not being consistent with my talk.

Always remember the values of  God, Prayer and Family, and you will always make me happy and proud to be simply called, Mama.