Monday, March 28, 2011

Clearing Fashion Mistakes

Hmmm...not so inclined to talk about fashion today.
Sarah's very lenghty reflection for March 27 is focused on just that.
My fashion statement is comfort.
If it is not comfortable it will not be fun to wear it.
A few weekends ago, I pulled out my 8 year old preggy clothes that I adore. It is a black knit blouse with a black Old Navy straight skirt with side slit.
Marina admired it so much.
I made her wear a similar theme of black sphaghetti stap knit dress with tiny silver sparkles.
I made her use her sequined muffler/scarf.
My faux pax?
I wore a nude bra that saw through the sheer fabric of my blouse, otherwise, I was perfectly comfortable.
Unfortunately, it did not get a desired comment from one person.
But, it did not affect my mood cause, I just felt so good.
BTW, I do have a baby bump.
It is big.
So why hide it.
I intend to flaunt it as much as I can.
Brace yourselves if it doesnt suit you cause at this point I really do not care what other people long as I am comfortable with who I am and what I put on.

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