Monday, March 21, 2011

Inner Beauty, Outside Charm

Magnificent March 21,2011
8:10 a.m.

Last night, I pulled out my Simple Abundance book by Sara Ban Breatnach. This is after several days of not being able to ponder on her wise thoughts.
She talks about inner beauty and outside charm on her March 20 reflection.
She reminds us that it is not the outside trappings or packaging that is important but to cultivate beauty from the inside out. Not outside then in.
Nevertheless, it will always follow that the inner beauty will reveal itself in the outside.
For someone like me who shuns looking into the mirror lest I be labelled as requires a lot of fixing, internally and externally.
There are times, I still think I can get away showing myself to the world in a blouse that requires ironing or unshaven legs or eyebrows. Eow.
But...extra effort goes a long way in making one feel much better.
It is quite liberating to feel really good and express it when someone ask: How are you?
More often than not, they no longer need to ask since, you are bubbling with your feel good emotions.
And the opposite holds true again, it is when you are feeling so harried and tattered, that is when people bug you with “ How are you? Are you ok?” and you wish that you will not burst into tears each time.
One of the things I am trying to master is to be able to smile.
Not in a phoney or fake way.
A true smile at all things nice and beautiful .
Smile even at challenges and obstacles especially.
Smile with a feeling of confidence that say, things may not really be pulled together, but yes, I know, I can pull through this one, and the next one...
Cause I can smile and be content in whatever state I find myself in.

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