Sunday, March 27, 2011


Magnificent March 27,2011

I woke up admiring the blue skies and the cotton fluffy clouds floating by. The chirping of the birds was so uplifting that lazing a bit more in bed was a welcome option.
Marina declared the Earth Hour should be observed every night.
She enjoyed playing with her friends in the dark driveway.
Eleanore and I prepared a special treat of siomai that made them want for more.
It was just wonderful.
Cool breeze blowing while the skies slowly cleared to show the dark night. Not so much stars was still wonderful.
Today, Sarah’s March 27 reflection is on Authenticity in clothes and it is never too late to being the great person one is meant to be. Once again, I will transcribe each of her wonderful words. It is just too beautiful to intrude my insights on.


“ It is never to late to be what you might have been” George Eliot.

When I began to embark regularly on the golden mirror meditation to meet with my authentic self, one of my recurring insights didn’t seem very spiritual but certainly uplifting. I delighted in discovering that my authentic self was very well dressed and always managed to look glorious, whether the occasion of my creative visualization called for a cotton sweater from the Gap or a wool crepe Giorgio Armani suit. You’ve probably received revealing glimmers from the other side of the Golden mirror. By paying attention to the subtle signals the woman within is constantly trying to send us, we can learn how to reflect our own best image, even if our pocketbooks don’t match our exquisite taste.
Paying close attention to the nuances, I noticed that simplicity was my authentic self’s signature. Simplicity is also the key to pulling together and conveying a personal style with panache. It’s a woman of substance’s secret weapon. Think of Katherine Hepburne’s trousers in the 1930’s, Grace Kelly’s hair and handbag in the 1950’s, Jacqueline Kennedy’s pillbox hats in the 1960’s and Lauren Hutton’s white t-shirt and khakis in the 1990’s.
Understated. Elegant. Chic. Classy. Stunning.
Simplicity is a fashion statement every woman today can make no matter what her personal style has been in the past. That’s because true simplicity never disappoints. Once you learn that less is more, then enough becomes plenty, and your entire outlook on life-including fashion- is transformed.
Today, I want to ask you to consider clearing away the fashion clutter of past incarnation that lurks in your closets. Just because you bought it once doesn’t mean you have to keep it forever. Be willing to let simplicity pare down your wardrobe to your authentic essence: identify the clothes you absolutely love and can’t imagine living without. That is all. Merely consider and identify, while remembering that it is never too late for you to become the woman you were meant to be. Today you’re one step closer to her.

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