Thursday, June 22, 2017


This morning I am still bristling at a supposed unintended computer glitch , an anomaly, a phenomenon without  practical nor a  reasonable explanation. Perhaps a  Facebook virus that has somehow flagged my thank you to a greeting as a SPAM.

Before confronting person B about it, I inquired from person A (the sponsor of the post) about how I was notified that my comment was marked as such.

It took a while for person A to react owing to the time difference of the people involved.

But, left with our own devices to find out how to mark a comment as a SPAM…my daughter and I learned the steps. It is different for a desktop user to an android or iphone user. It definitely is not a single CLICK.

Why am I not keeping quiet about this? Simply because…BULLIES abound.

They have different ways of making you  feel  IRRELEVANT OR INSIGNIFICANT with a downright INSULT blanketed in the guise of  INCREDULOUSNESS or ANONYMITY.

A famous quote reminds us that you will not feel INSECURE or DISRESPECTED without giving the CULPRIT the permission to.
Exactly why I chose to call out his/her/it’s blatant disregard for decency and civility.

I do not demand that they LIKE me…just DO NOT STRIKE OFFENSIVELY.

I would more incline to adhere to the saying, “If you cannot help, at least do not hurt.”

I cried aloud OUCH as a reminder. Hey, you have stepped on my dignity, maybe you have not realized it.

Each person reading the situation will have his or her opinion about it.

We are all entitled to it.

I do not have control over that…but, the only control I have is not to participate in the MALICE or INTENT of the tag.

No matter how I look at it…being  labeled as a nuisance, irrelevant or irritation is far from correct or right. It is an arrow of hate with a noose attached.

Perhaps, I have such a big head and ego as a twin.

But…I know that an INSULT is the weapon of a coward posing as a TROLL.

A BULLY hiding behind  what? The truth?

“To fail to love someone in any of these situations is failing in kindness. But, to say nothing or to not be honest with people is false kindness.  In some cases, we may literally be killing them with kindness of this sort. Jesus told us not to judge (people). But, he also obligated us to address harmful behaviors and told us that “The Truth will set you free” (Jn 8:32). 


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Homeschooling 101: Building Self Esteem and Social Media

Homeschooling 101: Self Esteem and Social Media

Yesterday, marked 6 days being back in the land of sands after being out for 42 days.

It was  nice to be back, and just like the girls words, it felt like truly coming home…and I wondered how it would feel like when the time comes to leave.

Anyway, due to over fatigue and  headache, I had to cancel going to a very important event for Marina.

Somehow, I am trying  to see  a silver lining in it.

Trying to remain positive with your well laid plans and intentions is tough.

It is more challenging when things get derailed.

While communicating with several persons over at Whatsapp… I browsed through FB.  Coincidentally, there were a lot of news feeds about taking care of ones health. A clear sign for my intention supposedly  numero uno.

And for the nth time,  just the day before as well, I swore to avoid lurking on FB because a piece of news bothered me endlessly. Making me feel that social media especially FB is really bad for the health.

I found this piece of information confirming this realization and stand to avoid it like the plague for the meantime.

People may like you or not because of your exposure (over or not)  in social media.

They can actually make things more tough because of what your said or did not say.

And this issue of LIKES is so  not likeable at all.

It is addictive enough that your well being is attached to it. Tsk tsk.

Good luck to me on my stand of  abstaining from it once more.

 May it help my daughters have a better formation of their self esteem.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Homeschooling 101: When the going gets tough, the kind and loving gets moving!

February 19,2017

The washing machine is humming a hypnotic sound in the background of just 2 items.
I woke up around 230am to pee and was not able to go back to sleep anymore with lots of thoughts running around in my mind.
Thus at almost 5, I was having a throbbing headache.
I had to get up again to drink some water and 2 soft gel capsules of Arctic Sea.
The Korean beef I ingested yesterday made me feel woozy. The soda too aggravated the situation.
Anyway, today, I am being inspired, reluctantly  to  focus my attention and words on the following in respect to  teaching my children:

In a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate your endurance for personal experiences of being persecuted, rejected, marginalized and ostracized? What was so far your worst experience in line with these?

After attending a Counseling Course each night for the past 2 weeks, I have come face to face with a syndrome which I  already coined a term for before during my adolescent stage.

 A year ago,  a more technical term came into my knowledge and this week saw me diving into it all the more.

I researched a bit into TMAU or otherwise known as Trimethylaminuria.

It is a case that affects a certain percentage of a given population and this is believed to be due to the inability of the body to metabolize a certain compound in food which gets lodged in a person’s intestines and find it’s way to a person’s sweat, breath etc.

I called it my skunk syndrome and this has made me experience a thousand deaths each day when it is triggered usually accompanying high anxiety situations.

To answer the above question, the scale would  almost be a very low 1.

So far, each situation ushers in a variety of  depth and gravity of bullying…and to rise above it each time victorious is the challenge.

To wallow  in self pity and recrimination and self hate and anger makes it almost impossible  to get up.

Well meaning suggestions of  “ Do not worry or think about it!” do not help at all because it makes me feel more frustrated to say the least.

Anyway,  somehow, each day, I try my best to be a better person in overcoming my negativity towards those who make my life miserable due to this condition. I pray for them. I continue doing good by being nice or kind to them even if I feel like just wishing them ill.

Turning the other cheek. Walking the extra mile even when you do not wish to go on anymore.

As a mother to my 2 homeschoolers, I do not hide from them my vulnerability and show them how invincible I am.

No,  it is precisely through these moments, I show them, that I need someone greater than all of these.

Someone who has overcome sin and death and  still blessed His  persecutors.

Each time an insult is hurled toward me, I try to just lift up the situation to my Savior, who just is waiting for me  to do just that, then a certain kind of peace and joy replaces the  pain and the hurt, sometimes, slowly, but definitely surely.

There was once a lady who followed my youngest and I to the bathroom recently, and even before we could cover our mouths as we just had to fix something quickly, she pulls out her  deo and sprayed on herself generously which somehow found its way to our nostrils and mouth. We just  barely stepped in the door and she grabs into her bag and  pulls her top loosely and SPRAY SPRAY SPRAY as if there was no more tomorrow.

We were hoping that she could have used one of the available cubicles…but no, she had to make a statement  right there by the door to show me what an antiperspirant is for.

And you’d think the bully had a sublime teaching moment for me.

There is the rub.

I will close with a youtube link of a girl named Erika Hubbard, who has perfectly verbalized how it is to be affected by this syndrome.

And on a more positive note:

Saturday, February 18, 2017

HomeSchooling 101: When Words Hurt

February 18,2017

The breakfast is not totally cleared from our wooden dining table.
Yesterday’s bags and activities are visible from one of the sofa and the bench.
My plants are awaiting my attention.
My bed is still unkempt same with the kid’s.
My first laundry for the day is impatiently beckoning to me.
Mayo is near my foot while I took a breather to check my email momentarily.
Ruel and the girls are in Radisson Blu for Lilli’s ballet.
I noticed a message that led me to Joy again.
A few days ago, an acquaintance introduced her to me through a scary story.
I looked her up again the following day. Very briefly.
I marveled and praise God for her resilience over a traumatic event in her life.
Now, she is being reintroduced to me again through this email message regarding a Middle
East Homeschooling conference to be held in Dubai.
Their name caught my attention.
It turns out to be the same Joy’s story that was brought to my awareness just the other day.
Now, I am able to check out her blog.
I just read her entry of February 1 about hurtful words and how to choose our words and timing wisely and to edify and not to cause death.
What a powerful thought.
Hopefully, after today, I will resurrect my blogging pursuits one more time and continue reaping the joy I get out of it, not for that alone, but to continue keeping my goals focused on the more important priorities I need to  tackle more than anything else that try to compete for my time and energy.
Yesterday was packed and I praise and thank God for the opportunity to do what I needed to do.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Home Schooling 101: What makes you come alive?

January 4,2016

This will have to be short and snappy.
My daughter Marina just told me what I wanted to hear after 4 days being so immersed in the Qatar Exxon Mobil Open. Hurrah!
Watching players close hand. Taking photos with Stepanek in the steps while he was waiting for us to lift the chain for him and his girlfriend to pass to go to the bleachers.
Marina and I got the chance to read Vasek Pospisil’s biography and I marveled at the journey it takes to conquer challenges while attaining one’s goals in life.
I will write more in depth as soon as my duty is done by tomorrow.

All I know, watching the game makes me feel so alive!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Home Schooling 101: Work Ethic VS Insatiable Wants

Jan.3, 2017

What a wonderful day yesterday!

95% of the targets were accomplished and most important of all, the grace and the opportunity to be  child like with my children.

Marina was so excited to show me photos of  her with several tennis celebrities.

Marcelina kept saying, “ Mama, I so miss you.”

She understood that Mom had to go back to work and  Mom has to clock in attendance.

She saw me do what I needed to do even if I was bone tired coming home .

Marina was a bit challenged in this department that I had to remind her that Mama still has more chores to do before calling it a night.

Here is a very nice video about it:

Monday, January 2, 2017

Home Schooling 101: Bring your kids to work day!

January 2,2016

Today, Marina wants to come along with me to the  Qatar Exxon Mobile Open. She is excited to spot Tennis personalities and stars.

I hope that we will meet some contacts I have established for her to be able to see what a Ball Kid does and be excited and eager to sign up as well for the next tournament.

The gift and the grace to do an honest  day of work is something wonderful to pass on to them at this point.

This is  where we need to be and we shall stop trying to be where we think we should be and enjoy the moment.

I asked her yesterday to draw up her plans for the new year , month to month and we shall align them to mine.

I am so happy and grateful that all the requests I had for them were accomplished for New Year’s eve preparations.

Traditional 12 fruit basket.

Red ribbon grapes on each door arch.

Marina cooked Bibingka in muffin pans.

Ruel and Marcelina enjoyed making the Palitaw.

I am off now to prepare for my 3rd official day with the tennis open. I hope I can get a photo with Novac and  Murray.

Yes, here we go!

 "Every job is a SELF PORTRAIT of the person who does it. Autograph your work with EXCELLENCE."