Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Prayer for Peace

Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace.
 Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
 where there is injury, pardon; 
where there is doubt, faith;
 where there is despair, hope; 
where there is darkness, light;
 where there is sadness, joy.

O, Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; it is in dying that we are born again to eternal life.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Day Well Spent

Optimal October 2,2017

Today is one of those days I wish I had 5 hours more.

So many things in my to do list that barely got even a dent.

Hmmmm…do I declare it a wasted day?

Hearing the girls singing with much gusto in the next room after our goodnights seems to be something good!

The little one telling me about her wish…with a but at the beginning…”only if it is according to God’s will” wants to have a complete set of  Frozen( the Movie) dolls.

Tells me she got her priorities on track.

Marina dutifully reminding her sister to obey first before complaining because it is part of the commandments to children…warms my heart and cools my almost always impatient top.

A day well spent is when both the pursuits of academics are balanced off with the condition of the heart and the requirements of the home and all the members in it. Common and individual goals hand in hand, not letting go or giving up on any.

I have learned to use one word instructions than to give long winding instructions after the 3rd attempt to make them do what I am asking them.

The advise is working! Hurrah!

So, yes, even if it was a challenge to count my blessings to number ten…I declare it was a day well spent!

The small note on my bed from small fingers is evidence to such wonderful blessings that keep my arms full every time we need our hugs.

So…I should not take my TO DO LIST so seriously…after all, if I want to earn my angel wings…I have to take my temporal accomplishments with a grain of salt…and not take my stature as a leader or a teacher too heavily..

Like angels…they can fly because they do not have much ego or pride to weigh them down too much.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Optimal October

I was about to check my white board on the adjective I put for my October schedule diary, but, I hesitated.
Optimal popped out as I began typing this blog.
Sounds like Optimus Prime…hmmm.
Optimal it is.
Highly favorable.
I claim this month to be the most auspicious month ever!
Indeed, this is a month of positive transformations!
Thank you God!
Thank you!

Tonight, I want to focus my thoughts on the following challenging lines:

…when we separate, we confuse. When we simply distinguish, we clarify. And when we clarify, we can integrate.(J.Jason)

I am pulling it out from the context that I read it.

Let me see if I can arrive at a pleasant understanding of it.

When we separate we confuse.

When we distinguish we clarify.

When we clarify, we can integrate.

Can these concepts be applied to any idea or situations?

Let us see.

Recently, a person close to me said, we are like oil and water. We cannot mix.

That being so…it does not mean that we have to be at odds or butt heads all the time. We can agree to complement and enrich each other’s lives.

We can agree to disagree if we can…but simply avoid hot button issues where we know where each other stands.

We have to avoid rubbing each other the wrong way, for by now, we know how the other ticks.

Thus, the best way that we can enrich each other is to be there for each other when one needs our help.

We should always be there to help.

Nothing more or less than the intent to help.

Not on how we want to help…but how the person needs our help.

Trouble often arises when we dictate on the person in need of our help how we wish to help.

Sometimes, our help is not needed actually…but just our listening ear or presence.

Thus, when people need money from me…it is either, I give what I am ready to lose…or really explain my financial situation and tell the person this is how I can help.

If it is not taken or appreciated…then, I dust of my hands and pray for the other person.

Usually, spiritual gifts are most noble and effective.

Sometimes, cannot be seen at once…but in the long run more helpful.

CLARIFYING our capacity to help and then INTEGRATING in our thoughts and hearts the person’s need that with prayer and best wishes and hopes, everything will fall into place.

At times, the tendency to exclude or remove from our midst or thoughts or intents the person who needs our help…is a very comfortable place for us…out of sight, out of mind.

But, when we share in the person’s situation by praying for it earnestly and wholeheartedly…we can safely say that we have integrated his/her life at the most vulnerable point with our own journey.

Easier said…than done.

But with the right attitude and intent…not impossible.

Exclusion is when we absolutely separate one from another like oil and water. It can sometimes justify our tendency to be minimalists. Integration is when we understand that one is distinct from the other but they are nevertheless reconcilable and is actually ordered to one another. They are meant to complement and enrich one another. (J.Jason)

Saturday, September 30, 2017



I am about to embark again in my nth attempt to become a better me in 30 days or so. Yeah, at almost 50, one would think that I had it all together.
Not quite.
Things seem to be literally and figuratively fraying in the seams. Bulging at the lines and falling apart.
I just recently advised someone who was yelling for help. She was in an all time low.
I could not just say, my emotional roller coaster has been spinning in dizzying speeds, dropping from all time high to lows in split seconds.
Have I conquered my sugar intake? No!
Have I exercised regularly? No!
Have I earned an honest day's wage? No!
Have I realized my bestest self? _______

In a 24 hour....perhaps,only 3 hours of my waking moments!

Well, let me restrain myself just a bit here and count my blessings instead and tell my self that the BLUES will pass. I  am so BLESSED TO BE STRESSED.

As I end September I thank my Lord and my Maker for the following blessings:

1. The opportunity to be under one roof with my family in this host country.
2. The regular income of my husband.
3. The opportunity to home school my kids
4. Family and friends who took the time to greet me for my birthday.
5. This beautiful house we call home.
6. The opportunity to write my thoughts down.
7. The many learning opportunities that come along that challenges me to be a better person each day.
8. The chance to correct my wrongs each day as I greet a new day.
9.The love of my husband and daughters
10. The best friend I have in me.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Happy 48th Birthday!

I turned a new  chapter in my life.
Hopefully, my intent to blog everyday will prove true and worthy.
So, how does it feel to be 48?
I felt hopeful and optimistic.
But then, when I learned that a good friend, who is much younger than I succumbed to heart failure due to several blockages in her arteries on my kinda put a dampen on my days.
I suffered from perhaps an anxiety headache from Tuesday night to Wednesday night.
By God's grace come Thursday was gone.
Praise God!
A new day. 
A new lease in life.
I broke my Facebook fast for a few days because I needed to contact my deceased friend's family.
Then, a good ole classmate from elementary greeted me belatedly...and thus, I had to reply.
From one greeting to the next.
I have this irritating habit of having to thank each and every post or greeting.
Anyway, irritating or not, gratitude is never going  out of style in my book.
So, here I go again...trying to make sense of life's uncertainties and twists and turns.
This morning, a blog  presented itself to me about finding home.
I was trying to wrack my brains on how I got myself  subscribed to this lady's blog.
It was funny to trace it back to 2013 June.
Her blog's are still very interesting.
She seems to be making lots of travels and enjoying it so much.
I was comparing her photo of 2013 and her latest...and it seems, she has grown much younger.
Way to go girl!
Today, I had to check out Joy Tanchi Mendoza to get some lift and sure got it.
She reminded me to get my center from my Creator, who has made me lovely because He loves me.
He does not love me because I am lovely...but, I am loved by Him, that is why I am lovely.
I may not be so lovable all of the time...but, I know, His Mercy and Grace will suffice.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Homeschooling 101: Building Self Esteem and Social Media

Homeschooling 101: Self Esteem and Social Media

Yesterday, marked 6 days being back in the land of sands after being out for 42 days.

It was  nice to be back, and just like the girls words, it felt like truly coming home…and I wondered how it would feel like when the time comes to leave.

Anyway, due to over fatigue and  headache, I had to cancel going to a very important event for Marina.

Somehow, I am trying  to see  a silver lining in it.

Trying to remain positive with your well laid plans and intentions is tough.

It is more challenging when things get derailed.

While communicating with several persons over at Whatsapp… I browsed through FB.  Coincidentally, there were a lot of news feeds about taking care of ones health. A clear sign for my intention supposedly  numero uno.

And for the nth time,  just the day before as well, I swore to avoid lurking on FB because a piece of news bothered me endlessly. Making me feel that social media especially FB is really bad for the health.

I found this piece of information confirming this realization and stand to avoid it like the plague for the meantime.

People may like you or not because of your exposure (over or not)  in social media.

They can actually make things more tough because of what your said or did not say.

And this issue of LIKES is so  not likeable at all.

It is addictive enough that your well being is attached to it. Tsk tsk.

Good luck to me on my stand of  abstaining from it once more.

 May it help my daughters have a better formation of their self esteem.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

HomeSchooling 101: When Words Hurt

February 18,2017

The breakfast is not totally cleared from our wooden dining table.
Yesterday’s bags and activities are visible from one of the sofa and the bench.
My plants are awaiting my attention.
My bed is still unkempt same with the kid’s.
My first laundry for the day is impatiently beckoning to me.
Mayo is near my foot while I took a breather to check my email momentarily.
Ruel and the girls are in Radisson Blu for Lilli’s ballet.
I noticed a message that led me to Joy again.
A few days ago, an acquaintance introduced her to me through a scary story.
I looked her up again the following day. Very briefly.
I marveled and praise God for her resilience over a traumatic event in her life.
Now, she is being reintroduced to me again through this email message regarding a Middle
East Homeschooling conference to be held in Dubai.
Their name caught my attention.
It turns out to be the same Joy’s story that was brought to my awareness just the other day.
Now, I am able to check out her blog.
I just read her entry of February 1 about hurtful words and how to choose our words and timing wisely and to edify and not to cause death.
What a powerful thought.
Hopefully, after today, I will resurrect my blogging pursuits one more time and continue reaping the joy I get out of it, not for that alone, but to continue keeping my goals focused on the more important priorities I need to  tackle more than anything else that try to compete for my time and energy.
Yesterday was packed and I praise and thank God for the opportunity to do what I needed to do.