Sunday, November 11, 2018

November 11,2018


After the busy weekend, I slowed down the pace for today’s homeschooling.
At the end of the day, I distributed the virtue, health and allowance points system charts.
We got a bit of a snag in the first.
In the name of accountability, I reviewed each virtue and I told them where I failed and how I exhibited a particular virtue.
Then, I asked my first born to do the same.
I met a stone wall in the process. She refused to do as I did. She simply said, check for every item she feels she practiced today.
I tried to tell her that she has to support her claim and that we would agree or not.
No budge.
She wanted her baby sister to go first.
We first tried doing this system last Wednesday when her baby sister was sick with fever, thus she was exempted. This would have been her first attempt, thus, making her go first was not what I had in mind.
Tick Tock…
I didn’t push it.
Called it a night.
I hope to do better tomorrow.
Perhaps, we could discuss the meaning of each virtue and find how they could have been applied to a particular situation.
We shall further see tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Novermber 6,2018

November 6,2018

My first born did a lot of chores today. She owes me several writing tasks tomorrow to make up for today.

We reviewed all the art projects, poem and song she has made  for this school year. We graded some of them.  We still have to tackle Music and P.E.  I have to hear her 2 ukelele  and one piano piece. She is working on River Flows in You by Yiruma. What a beautiful piano song!

 She has yet to show me the 18 Shibashi steps and some basic self defense moves.

Marcelina kept asking if she gets additional points for doing her tasks greatly. I gently reminded and clarified to her that doing her duties and responsibilities diligently is the reward in itself. Doing other stuff like being polite and good natured, no bickering with her sister or screaming or yelling when she does not get her way , going the extra mile are the things that will get her to earn brownie points.

I hope this plus and minus system of their allowance works. Ever since we started it, I have tried not to give them deductions yet. I want to focus on the good first and help them generate more good points first.

Quite tough especially when they dilly dally in the obedience department.

Praying for more graces and strength.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Homeschooling Blog November 5,2018

November 5,2018

All is quiet in the house except the keyboard strikes that I make.

I want to share some updates about our homeschooling journey so far. My first born Marina is soon to finish her 8th grade with 3 more Saxon Math tests and I just have to finish  grading her final English 8 research paper.

Initially, I was encouraging her to write about Young Entrepreneurs. Then, I was really strongly suggesting to her to research about the latest Canadian Law on Cannabis. She countered with  the negative. She preferred to tackle homeschooling. I was like, What?

Anyway, she had the last say, and she is now working on the bibliography of her topic: Saint Catherine Laboure.

She was happy to announce to her sibling that I gave her a tentative 90%  with a promise of increasing the grade if she is fully done.

My youngest, Marcelina , will finish her 2nd grade hopefully by January 2019. She just got a reward from her dad for being able to tell the time correctly after like several weeks of challenge.

I intend to focus on her multiplication table mastery so she can tackle division.

She has to improve on her penmanship and paragraph writings. She was happy to make revisions on her work today with different kinds of sentence. She was full of gusto to work with exclamation sentences.

I was propelled to write again my 3 different blogs, bible reflections, fit and fab journey to 50 and homeschooling after reading my favorite blogger Joy Mendoza of Teach with Joy. I just learned she is pregnant with her 6th child.

She is writing more with raw and brutal honesty regarding handling conflicts with her husband and handling children bickering and rivalry and being tired and stressed and feeling inadequate.

Each and every time I read her blogs, I get so empowered and inspired to continue my kindred journey with much faith, hope and love in my heart to do the things I do while remembering the whys.

I continue to pray for her, her safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery, her children, her husband, family and friends and advocacies. May our good Lord continue to bless her abundantly and powerfully.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Prayer for Peace

Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace.
 Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
 where there is injury, pardon; 
where there is doubt, faith;
 where there is despair, hope; 
where there is darkness, light;
 where there is sadness, joy.

O, Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; it is in dying that we are born again to eternal life.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Day Well Spent

Optimal October 2,2017

Today is one of those days I wish I had 5 hours more.

So many things in my to do list that barely got even a dent.

Hmmmm…do I declare it a wasted day?

Hearing the girls singing with much gusto in the next room after our goodnights seems to be something good!

The little one telling me about her wish…with a but at the beginning…”only if it is according to God’s will” wants to have a complete set of  Frozen( the Movie) dolls.

Tells me she got her priorities on track.

Marina dutifully reminding her sister to obey first before complaining because it is part of the commandments to children…warms my heart and cools my almost always impatient top.

A day well spent is when both the pursuits of academics are balanced off with the condition of the heart and the requirements of the home and all the members in it. Common and individual goals hand in hand, not letting go or giving up on any.

I have learned to use one word instructions than to give long winding instructions after the 3rd attempt to make them do what I am asking them.

The advise is working! Hurrah!

So, yes, even if it was a challenge to count my blessings to number ten…I declare it was a day well spent!

The small note on my bed from small fingers is evidence to such wonderful blessings that keep my arms full every time we need our hugs.

So…I should not take my TO DO LIST so seriously…after all, if I want to earn my angel wings…I have to take my temporal accomplishments with a grain of salt…and not take my stature as a leader or a teacher too heavily..

Like angels…they can fly because they do not have much ego or pride to weigh them down too much.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Optimal October

I was about to check my white board on the adjective I put for my October schedule diary, but, I hesitated.
Optimal popped out as I began typing this blog.
Sounds like Optimus Prime…hmmm.
Optimal it is.
Highly favorable.
I claim this month to be the most auspicious month ever!
Indeed, this is a month of positive transformations!
Thank you God!
Thank you!

Tonight, I want to focus my thoughts on the following challenging lines:

…when we separate, we confuse. When we simply distinguish, we clarify. And when we clarify, we can integrate.(J.Jason)

I am pulling it out from the context that I read it.

Let me see if I can arrive at a pleasant understanding of it.

When we separate we confuse.

When we distinguish we clarify.

When we clarify, we can integrate.

Can these concepts be applied to any idea or situations?

Let us see.

Recently, a person close to me said, we are like oil and water. We cannot mix.

That being so…it does not mean that we have to be at odds or butt heads all the time. We can agree to complement and enrich each other’s lives.

We can agree to disagree if we can…but simply avoid hot button issues where we know where each other stands.

We have to avoid rubbing each other the wrong way, for by now, we know how the other ticks.

Thus, the best way that we can enrich each other is to be there for each other when one needs our help.

We should always be there to help.

Nothing more or less than the intent to help.

Not on how we want to help…but how the person needs our help.

Trouble often arises when we dictate on the person in need of our help how we wish to help.

Sometimes, our help is not needed actually…but just our listening ear or presence.

Thus, when people need money from me…it is either, I give what I am ready to lose…or really explain my financial situation and tell the person this is how I can help.

If it is not taken or appreciated…then, I dust of my hands and pray for the other person.

Usually, spiritual gifts are most noble and effective.

Sometimes, cannot be seen at once…but in the long run more helpful.

CLARIFYING our capacity to help and then INTEGRATING in our thoughts and hearts the person’s need that with prayer and best wishes and hopes, everything will fall into place.

At times, the tendency to exclude or remove from our midst or thoughts or intents the person who needs our help…is a very comfortable place for us…out of sight, out of mind.

But, when we share in the person’s situation by praying for it earnestly and wholeheartedly…we can safely say that we have integrated his/her life at the most vulnerable point with our own journey.

Easier said…than done.

But with the right attitude and intent…not impossible.

Exclusion is when we absolutely separate one from another like oil and water. It can sometimes justify our tendency to be minimalists. Integration is when we understand that one is distinct from the other but they are nevertheless reconcilable and is actually ordered to one another. They are meant to complement and enrich one another. (J.Jason)

Saturday, September 30, 2017



I am about to embark again in my nth attempt to become a better me in 30 days or so. Yeah, at almost 50, one would think that I had it all together.
Not quite.
Things seem to be literally and figuratively fraying in the seams. Bulging at the lines and falling apart.
I just recently advised someone who was yelling for help. She was in an all time low.
I could not just say, my emotional roller coaster has been spinning in dizzying speeds, dropping from all time high to lows in split seconds.
Have I conquered my sugar intake? No!
Have I exercised regularly? No!
Have I earned an honest day's wage? No!
Have I realized my bestest self? _______

In a 24 hour....perhaps,only 3 hours of my waking moments!

Well, let me restrain myself just a bit here and count my blessings instead and tell my self that the BLUES will pass. I  am so BLESSED TO BE STRESSED.

As I end September I thank my Lord and my Maker for the following blessings:

1. The opportunity to be under one roof with my family in this host country.
2. The regular income of my husband.
3. The opportunity to home school my kids
4. Family and friends who took the time to greet me for my birthday.
5. This beautiful house we call home.
6. The opportunity to write my thoughts down.
7. The many learning opportunities that come along that challenges me to be a better person each day.
8. The chance to correct my wrongs each day as I greet a new day.
9.The love of my husband and daughters
10. The best friend I have in me.