Saturday, June 30, 2012

Something Borrowed

It is a story of Rachel who was almost 30, successful yet overworked. A single lawyer and wondering about lost chances. The movie opens with Rachel nonchalantly getting into a restaurant to her surprise 30th birthday party being thrown by her best friend since childhood, Darcy. Rachel has forever been the best friend, even the mother, as Darcy claims to her. She even sacrifices her blossoming feelings for Dex, her Law school study buddy and friend because, Darcy set out to claim him for herself. Rachel did not like to put up a fight so she bailed out even before the balloon had the chance to lift off. Rachel later confides to Ethan, another long time childhood friend, " What Darcy wants, Darcy gets!" So, with a little too many drinks, Rachel awkwardly finds herself making out with Dex at the back of a taxi, where the next stop was her home. Rudely awakened by Darcy's frantic calls and voice messages the next morning, she finds herself in bed with Dex In the mad scramble to gain back their balance, Dex and Rachel, slowly reclaim, what once was about to kindle...a romance based on a lot of similarities. Darcy candidly admitted that if people do end up together based on this principle, then Dex and Rachel would have long been a couple. Putting her foot in her mouth again because, if she did not intrude into their celebratory dinner, then surely, Rachel and Dex would have long been an item. Darcy put her friend in a spot when she reveals that Rachel has been talking about Dex for the past 9 months. A dead giveaway to her friends feelings. Rachel quickly extinguishes the flames by declaring they were just friends. Dex, volunteers to bring Rachel home to which she refused cause she already knew, her friend or maybe not so good friend, already put a stake on Dex when she challenged Dex to date her instead. Dex tries to catch Rachel outside the bar, making sure it was alright. She said yes even though it made her die inside . And thus, 4 years later, after her post birthday party blunder, she slowly acknowledges what has long been there...her desire for Dex. Who has and was always hers from the start. The pre-wedding weekends in the South Hamptons were nerve wracking for Rachel. It pained her to see Dex frolic with Darcy and hear their climactic nocturnal activities together. Dex had to first overcome his dad's pressure on him to act based on what is expected not on what he wants. After their Labor day weekend together their yearnings and desire for each other thickens as the plot twists and lead to the week before Darcy and Dex's wedding. I love this movie because it has made me laugh a lot of times even when the reality and pain of Rachel having to choose between being the eternal BFF or reclaiming what was lost to find her true love was chokingly difficult. The actors were so perfect for their parts. Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel, evoked a charmingly sweet yet strong character. Kate Hudson as Darcy was the perfect bitch that you love and so hate. Colin Egglesfield as Dex has a close resemblance to Tom Cruise giving the movie the Jerry McGuire feel that made it a romantic comedy hit. John Krasinski, as Ethan was the perfect best friend and confidante to Rachel. The confrontation by the beach during the badminton match was so hilarious it made my stomach cramp. I vote 5 popcorn buckets for this movie. Not so innocent but oh so sweet.

My Religious Conversion

My Religious Conversion Nominal Catholics? Devout Once or Ones? Angelli Anne DL. Espinoza, Yahoo! Contributor Network I was born a Roman Catholic in the year 1969. Does that automatically make me a religious person? Does that make me a real convert to a belief system that traces its roots to Jesus Christ? Not really So, what does religious conversion really mean? Wikipedia defines religious conversion as the adoption of a new religion that differs from the convert's previous religion.[1] If that is the case, then definitely I am not a religious convert. I have been a Catholic ever since. It does not mean of course, I was an exemplary one all throughout. I had my doubts and questions and string of sins along the way. But, the real question I would like to propose here is...have I really had a religious experience that has changed me to being a better Catholic? I'd say, I am a work in progress. The rites of baptism and confirmation and other sacraments do not necessarily bring about real profound conversion. Our choices between good and evil do spell the difference in not so grand and outstanding ways often than not. It is choosing not to throw your candy wrapper out of the car window not just because you might be caught. It is choosing not to bring home some paper clips from the office because you want to respect yourself and others. Or better yet, refusing another serving of rice, not because it will look unflattering later, but because our bodies are not just flesh and bones but is also a shelter to our spirit. In 1976, a very strong earthquake shook my birthplace of Zamboanga City. The temblor made me realize that I could die anytime. Then what happens next? Thus, at 7 years old, huddled and shaking to the bones with my parents and 8 siblings at the bottom of our long and dark staircase..I boldy required my mom, who was almost panicky and in lead us in prayer... she refused. No one else wanted to volunteer. Each to his own thoughts of what just happened...and so, I said, "Let us pray..." and have always been the moral compass and crusader of our family There is the rub. Exactly spelling the big difference between being popular & accepted or a devout Catholic consistent to it's teachings and practices. Is that religiosity or spirituality? Maybe or maybe not. •1.