Saturday, February 18, 2017

HomeSchooling 101: When Words Hurt

February 18,2017

The breakfast is not totally cleared from our wooden dining table.
Yesterday’s bags and activities are visible from one of the sofa and the bench.
My plants are awaiting my attention.
My bed is still unkempt same with the kid’s.
My first laundry for the day is impatiently beckoning to me.
Mayo is near my foot while I took a breather to check my email momentarily.
Ruel and the girls are in Radisson Blu for Lilli’s ballet.
I noticed a message that led me to Joy again.
A few days ago, an acquaintance introduced her to me through a scary story.
I looked her up again the following day. Very briefly.
I marveled and praise God for her resilience over a traumatic event in her life.
Now, she is being reintroduced to me again through this email message regarding a Middle
East Homeschooling conference to be held in Dubai.
Their name caught my attention.
It turns out to be the same Joy’s story that was brought to my awareness just the other day.
Now, I am able to check out her blog.
I just read her entry of February 1 about hurtful words and how to choose our words and timing wisely and to edify and not to cause death.
What a powerful thought.
Hopefully, after today, I will resurrect my blogging pursuits one more time and continue reaping the joy I get out of it, not for that alone, but to continue keeping my goals focused on the more important priorities I need to  tackle more than anything else that try to compete for my time and energy.
Yesterday was packed and I praise and thank God for the opportunity to do what I needed to do.