Saturday, March 26, 2011


Magnificent March 26,2011

It is a lazy Saturday for Marina and I.
She has no lyre practice today.
It has been moved to April 1. Unfortunately it is the schedule of her home school moving up exercise. And she also has another schedule for her McDonalds Kiddie Crew orientation.

I am not so inclined to have her join this for her 2nd summer this time. Hmmm. We will see.

I woke up so early in the morning yesterday around 3a.m.

I was experiencing a severe stomach discomfort. It lasted for 1 hour. I was trying to figure out if I was having pre term labor pains. I thought I was gonna call my OB already. Good thing it went away after an hour. I guess, I got tired doing my grocery errand yesterday.

Gotta slow things down a little bit more. Ah, now I remember, I did some tidying up of the spare room Thursday morning. Hmmmm...proper pacing I guess.

I didn’t do my morning routine yesterday. I didn’t make my blog reflections as well. That is why, I was really amused to see this morning that Sarah’s reflection for March 24 had to do on how to deal with the hidden saboteur, the blues when it comes to hit you really bad.

It is a matter of tying the needs and the wants in one common, harmonious knot.

At times, the wants really get the better of you.

Your head tells you one thing....and yet, the heartstrings pull you in the different directions of more wants.

Time to pull out the coping strategies and put them into good use. One of which is reaching out for your comfort foods. No wonder. I got myself a generous jar of delicious Durian Jam from Davao in the grocery. Lovely.Delightful.Heaven.

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