Sunday, March 20, 2011

Drums, Lyres and Wedding Marches

Magnificent March 20,2011

It has been several weeks now that I have not blogged seriously.
My pregnancy is swiftly advancing, now almost on it’s 7th month. Baby is quite a formidable force to reckon with. It’s various movements and motions are really different from that of my first born. Making me really wonder with amazement what the gender will be. I will have my 3rd and hopefully last ultrasound next week. Finally, all the guesses will be laid to rest and I will really be serious in letting go of some stuff that I have been keeping for future use.
I have been getting very quite serious as well with managing my weight, diet and water intake.
The Japan catastrophe has introduced new statements in encouraging my daughter to do the same.
Millions of people in Japan are suffering because of shortages in food and water, finish your third glass Mari. Finish your rice and vegetables Mari. Eat what is on the table Mari.
One of our summer plans is for her to know life preservation skills and to finally prepare our emergency and first aid kit.
I could not help being a bit affected by all the tragedy with our next door Asian neighbour.
I felt really worried about the nuclear fallout threat right after the tsunami threat or the next great big one in the vicinity of the ring of fire, of which the Philippines is part of.
Funny, 3 days prior to March 11, I dunno why, I started reminding Marina to keep her slippers and mine in an orderly pile beside our bedroom door just in case we need to run in the dark night. Then I prepared a flashlight to be right within my reaching distance. Then on the early morning of March 11, I found a prayer for typhoons to which I added- disasters too and prayed it. Hmmm....was that coincidental?
My husband and I were on our 3rd day novena to St. Joseph.
Did prayers save us this time?
It really got me serious to get back into my prayer time and bible gospel reading reflection each day.
March 16’s first gospel had to do with the story of Jonah and Nineveh. Due to Jonah’s preaching of repentance, the king and people of Nineveh, went on a fast and prayer. Repenting of their ways and God withheld is wrathful punishment on them.
Whatever bible history tells us, whatever the recent natural calamities reveal to us. One thing is for sure...God alone is the source of our life and salvation.
The material or the physical will just pass and God alone suffices.
I put my trust in Him who can save me, my family and friends from all forms of hidden dangers and threats.
In Jesus name I pray and believe.
Yesterday, I was a little bit down in the dumps.
I somehow received some bit of information that has confirmed what I already know but never got around to fully and truly doing- letting go of....something.
It has somehow also affected my blogging juices from really flowing freely.
Anyway, my daughter was bugging me to watch her practice her lyre in the church group. At first I was not 100% to go. On the last minute I gave in.
As we got there, we found out that practice was suspended due to various activities that gave them no place to practice. I was a bit disappointed. Then I said, ok, let us go to the adoration chapel.
I needed to soak in prayer.
I watched my little one right there in the center of the small chapel in prayer.
It was a beautiful sight.
Then she started writing in her small notepad and paper.
She then put her note by the glass wall the sealed the Hoy Eucharist from the rest of the space.
Then she returned to her reverent kneeling posture.
Quite refreshing.
After several minutes, I heard a very beautiful wedding march in piano.
It really tickled my curiosity.
I overheard my neighbour Eleanor and my daughter discuss what they saw as they peeked from the chapel door to the main church.
It seems a 50th Golden Wedding anniversary was being celebrated.
I decided then to witness this magnificent and wonderful event myself.
I was planning to go to the 6pm mass in honor of St. Joseph ( feast day March 19) and yet, due to serendipity, there was an earlier mass and with a very beautiful theme and message to me.
My husband and I, of course, like any other couple, wish that we can also celebrate our 50th together and with our children’s children.
Being in church yesterday to witness this was like a glimmer of hope being given me...that yes, it can be possible.
It really gave me such a lift.
Fr. Andy’s homily brought tears into my eyes especially when he said, couples on their own, cannot be 100% faithful to each other 24/7. But God is and always will be faithful to us. He is the source of grace for us to be faithful to our vows and responsibilities...and if we somehow falter...He offers the grace of forgiveness and repentance.
All we just need to do is just ask for it.
Then bask again in the glory of his redemption and saving mercy.

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