Thursday, February 24, 2011

Now That I Got Your Attention

8:25 a.m.

Today I woke up with a smile in my soul. I was like a contented cat purring as the cool morning air refreshed me and urged me to snuggle and stay cozily warm in my position. I detected no back pain or any other pain in my super tired body of yesterday’s activities. Baby in the belly was quiet not much movement.
Funny, I have given it a nickname, Fireworks.
Coincidentally, my daughter was just given a pink teddy bear which she also named Fireworks and we both are so into the Kate Perry song of the same title.
Yesterday was a super challenging day.
I got a surprise email from my very kind Professor, Dr. Aquino advising me that finals will be this Saturday and we have to be in Diliman to take it. No online test. Only for offshore students. Hmmm.
I still have to finish one more paper by Monday Feb.28.
My other professor Dr. De Villa is unreachable. Tried sending her an email asking for extension for my backlogs... I am not so sure there will be any response whatsoever.
Anyway, so, here I was studying away the whole day.
In between, I would catch glimpses of my little one going through her lessons for the day. It was such a beautiful sight. Then I catch her attention with my own loving brand of sssstttt. Then beckoning her to come close so I can get a hug and a kiss.
She looks at me knowingly and obliges.
Then I ask her....why does mama love homeschool.?
She answers confidently,” So we can have hugs and kisses anytime we want and have meals together.”
I reminded her of the Valentine movie we watched, Sweet Home Alabama. There was a line posed by Jake to the question, Why do you want to marry me? And the answer was quite similar. It put a sudden happy thought into my daughters mind that I instinctively know lifted her in a satisfied manner.
Sara’s reflection for today is titled Now That I’ve Gotten Your Attention.
She shares about not just talking or reading about going on a journey.
She encourages us to take one ourselves to discovering our true authentic selves.
She starts with a quote and I quote:
“Sometimes in your life, you will go on a journey.
It will be the longest journey you have ever taken.
It is the journey to find yourself.” ( Katherine Sharp)
I go back again to a line in her forword which goes:
“The authentic self is the soul made visible.”
One thing I have always been aware of in my super openness to my feelings and reactions.
My face is super transparent.
And, so, I have decided long ago, never to lie.
Why? My face and body movements will give me away.
And so, as I add years to my age..I have tried and tried to be a bit more wise. Macbeth advises, be as beautiful looking on the outside, but be a cunning serpent inside.
Mainly because, being so open and true and trusting can easily be occasions of abuse.
Naivete can be a curse or a blessing.
Balancing off is most necessary.
Been hurt many times before because of it.
But, looking was opportunities for learning and becoming stronger.
Today’s scripture reading talks about not being the source or reason for others to sin.
Help me Lord with this portion of grace as I go about my daily round today and always.
“ Whoever causes any of this little ones who believe in me to sin, is better off to have a millstone around his neck and be thrown into sea...” ( Mark 9:42)
Strong words to remind us not to be bad influences to others.

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