Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nov.13 Thanks

I am so are my thank you list:
1. Marina surprised me with reciting the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary from memory. Wow. I was floored. It was so unexpected. I thought she was reading from the guide. Upon looking at her...she was sans the booklet. O wow! She missed several. But, it is alright. The novelty of it being unexpected is worth it.
2. Banana cake with almond toppings from Victoria.
3. A beautiful, heartfelt letter from Marina.
4. Taking a long, restful nap with Marcelina.
5. Early morning Vitamin D exposure with Marcelina. Cool air. Cordial neighbors.
6. The “suman” vendor. Breakfast with Swiss Miss hot choco with mallows and the suman malagkit and kamoteng kahoy. Delicious.
7. The first taste of Tamales. It was ok. At least, now, I know what it is.
8. Phone call from Chubby. He was verifying if I would watch the Pacquiao fight.
9. Bag of stateside pasalubong from another neighbour.
10. The welcoming attitude and gestures of the Vergara family from Los Angeles CA.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thanksgiving always!

Here is my gratitude list for Nov.12,2011:
1. English tutoring done for 3 kids with much gusto.
2. Movie time bonding with Marina...Ramona and Beesuz is such a cute movie that reminds us that kids may have a totally different perception of adult or big people stuff. It could really be frightening for them is up to us how to cushion it or make it as fun as possible.
3.Finalization of 2nd Semester enrollment w/ UPOU
4.The presence of my Cherry Blossom or Sakura plant from Japan.
5.My adorable 5 month old.
5. My wonderfully challenging 8 year old.
6. Hot pandesal simple treat for Marina and I.
7.Surprise visit of my brother Pong and his wife Jen. Lovely chat shared.
8.Apostolate time.
9.Good food on our table.
10. Keeping cool despite the humid weather.
11. This wonderful playlist on my media player.
12.Uploading wonderful pictures on FB of my daughters with cousin Stef.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Thanksgiving


Am I having short term memory loss already. I am thinking very hard what happened yesterday and it takes a while for me to recall the events. Oh, ok...there you go..I have some of it now.
My gratitude list for yesterday are as follows:
1. Aling Lusing, who never fails to come and do our laundry. We are almost done in the checklist of things to wash. The bunch of stuff toys look so new without their almost soft film of dust. Giving them this grey color pre laundry date. Now, they look so vibrant and nice.
2. Bills were paid and I am now enrolled for another semester to finish my required units in a certificate course. Thank God.
3. LILLI’s determination to sit up and crawl. Turning over is quite a breeze for her now.
4. Marina and Lilli’s adoring eyes for each other.
5. Hot pandesal with Marina. Walking to the bakery arm in waist. Chatting with neighbours along the way.
6. Cool evening breeze.
7. Friend Malu saving the day for the Sakura plant from Japan.
8. Gemma helping me find a way to really retrieve it.
9. Wonderful food I was able to cook...veggies with fish.
10. Lilli’s first solid food of mashed squashed...her face,hair and body had bits and pieces of the meal...she was struggling with her spoon but her lip smucking sounds told me she was enjoying it.

And here are my thanksgiving for today :
1. My next door neighbour’s helping hand in doing errands and pitching in caring for Lilli when my hands are full.
2. Marina playing and taking care of her baby sis...reading to Lilli while her baby sis was really eyes glued only to her. It was such a heart warming sight. Their hearty laugh when Mari plays with her.
3. Chat with my younger brother Michael.
4. Chat with a high school classmate Edgar.
5. Regular chat with hubby.
6. Enjoying cinnamon roll with Marina.
7. Watching her play with her friends.
8. Watching Lilli want to grasp and grab things...telling me to reorder things to avoid breakage and accidents.
9. Lilli’s sweetness.
10. Marina’s hugs and kisses.
11. The Sakura plant finally in my possession. Thanks Gemma. Thanks Malu.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Noble November 7,2011
12:20 am

It has been a good day.
Prayers had been answered.
Good neighbors came to the rescue.
First day tutoring a 4 year old girl in English. She is so eager and excited to learn. Her first teacher was my 8 year old. Who by the way, also wants to be a teacher someday. Thanks to my inspiration perhaps.
Marina just came back from a one week sleepover in her grandpa’s place with her cousin Stef. They bonded so much that they did not like to separate after 3 days. So, Marina went to sleepover in their place in Paranaque.
I missed her so much.
Her dad was overly anxious to have her back asap.
I felt it was time to loosen the kite strings a bit.
Hoping that she will be alright this time.
The last time I was not a pleasant experience for me.
By God’s grace we have her back safe and sound.
She also declared she is too tired to go back to her regular school experience. You see, I made arrangements for her to be on a one month visiting student status in a nearby school. I agreed with the condition that she will go back on the 14th to complete 1 month. Her teacher and classmates are asking her to continue till December so she can be part of the Christmas Party.
We will cross the bridge when we get there.
The little one and I have bonded so much without much interruption.
But somehow, she was looking for her elder sister.
Watching her listen to the phone when I called Marina last night was something special. She became so excited and grunted 2 times.
She recognizes her sister’s voice.
Watching her see and adore her sister when she came home today was another special treat. I thank God for being able to give this 2 girls a special experience called SISTERHOOD.
They have very wonderful eyes for each other.
I know the experience Marina had with her cousin Stef will be treasured for a long time. Reading her cousins letter to her tugged at my heartstrings.
Let me cap the night with some reflections on Kerygma bible readings.
End time.
As we are about to end another year...I want to focus on thanksgiving.
I will end each blog with praises and cheer for gifts and graces received during the day.
1. Taking a long and restful nap with my 2 beautiful girls.
2. Watching my girls lovingly look at each other.
3. Good food on our table.
4. Roof over our heads.
5. Income of my husband
6. Strength and energy to tutor a 4 year old
7. Good neighbours who saved me from worries and anxieties
8. Nice neighbours with genuine hellos upon meeting along the road
9. Joy of having my baby sleep in my arms
10. Hugs and kisses from my girls and hearing Marina say I miss you mom.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Keep the Oil Burning

Noble November 6,2011
10:07 pm

After a long time, I stopped to take a much needed pause. I needed to replenish my depleting spiritual reserves. I looked up my daily bible guide and reflections from

Keeping the oil burning.

Let me quote some of the lines of Fr Brian Steele:
We must always be vigilant and keep the oil in our lamp burning. Every one of us has a responsibility to keep our torches (faith) lit with the oil (charity). By our good deeds, we will meet the Lord as soon as He arrives and takes us to Himself. The oil is the charity, the love expressed in faith through our actions. It would be a terrible thing to find at the Lord’s coming the door closed on us. Once locked, it cannot be opened. The great shame is that these women were there all along, waiting. It was because of their unprepared resources that they missed out. If only they had the resources, the joy would have been theirs to celebrate. Fr. Brian Steele, MGL

Just recently, I was tested in these areas. Faith and Charity.
I am so well acquainted with the advice to forgive 70 x 7 times. It means, continue forgiving without counting.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta encourages us to give until it hurts.
This is the part that is quite challenging for me. I was put in a situation where giving was already hurting, Admittedly, I gave grudgingly. Why? The item given away was intended for another purpose. The receiver somehow, did not listen to what I was trying to say when she was claiming it. Besides, I felt, I have already given more than enough. I was in a position of want or dire need and the particular object could have given me some form of lease.
As I reflected on the story of the virgins awaiting the bridegroom...I am once again piqued and quite annoyed, I cannot help compare the unprepared virgins to this person. She wanted to appear so in need of help and support from people around her and me in particular..that was not really the case. She was capable of providing for her needs actually and this thing she could very well afford to buy herself or pay in installment.
But no, she wanted me to share it with her.
She even announced it to many so that I would be in a spot and could not do otherwise.

That is were salt was really rubbed so roughly on my aching charitable bone or spirit. I felt, I already had given enough... and yet, I was arm twisted to give more.
I am just so human to feel a bit annoyed , used and abused.
I end my argument and annoyance with the following lines:
8 The foolish ones said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil, for our lamps are going out.’ 9 But the wise ones replied, ‘No, for there may not be enough for us and you. Go instead to the merchants and buy some for yourselves.’(Matthew 25:9)
I let go of annoying and manipulative people.
I claim my peace by maintaining my comfortable distance.