Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Home Schooling 101 : Goin Vananas!

November 1,2016

Hi blogging sphere!!!

I am back!

Indeed, I am back with a new perspective and a purpose. Not that I didn’t have one before…but, I just got a bit derailed with certain events, that did put a damper on my days.

The dark nights are over. The storm clouds are passing. The rays of hope are shinning once again.

My blog format will change in tone and theme a bit.

I am waiting for my technical support hubby to work on a new button on my current blog site and in the meantime, will  put my 365 Days with the Lord to drafts while I refocus on Homeschooling with the girls.

I will continue doing my  daily reflections privately first.

The focus  is on  our daily homeschooling efforts.

Actually, months ago,  the girls and I gathered on my bed drawing plans for this coming December and new year.

We brainstormed for ideas and the why’s of our Vlog  on youtube and  the projects.

We finalized the reasons   and the name.

Going Vananas!

Our  tagline: When life throws you lemons,  what are you to do? Answer: make a lemonade! When life goes bananas, what do you do? Answer: Make a  choco banana milkshake, banana cake, banana fritters, banana Q, banana split etc. etc.

Cheesy? Corny?

But...the list is endless as the possibilities.

So why Vananas?

V stands for Victory and my first born’s first name Victoria Marina.

The first Ana is me, Angelli Anne.

Then the second Ana is my 2nd born, Ana Marcelina.

We hope to learn and improve our video editing skills which at present is zero.

We have a handful of videos already awaiting  editing and release.

*** **** ****

Marina is using second hand books for her 7th grade curriculum. She is trying her best to work out her irritation of seeing answers on blanks. I stress to her mastery over speed and to work on her attitude to determine a better altitude.

The best people did not have it easy. Abraham Lincoln had to   contend with one book and walk miles to borrow another one for his own education, I think? Hope I am not mistaken with my facts.

Marcelina on the other hand will be working on her old books and free curriculum until we get her 2nd set of grade one books. Hopefully real soon.

We are focusing currently on mental math and learning to speak 2 languages. That will keep us real busy till the new year.

**** *** ***

Last night and today, most people of the western world are busy with parties of costumes and fun. I like that, but this year, we have toned down that part. Instead we had an early tradition building of having our own brand of thanksgiving last October 21,2016.

The girls hand painted  the  HAPPY THANKSGIVING  banner.  I worked on the ribbed carton tree while Marina made the fall colored leaves where our guests would write their thanksgiving notes on. It was real fun!  Even beyond the date, anybody who would come in our home, would be asked to  add a leaf to our tree.

Ruel found it corny…but later on warmed up to the idea.

Gratitude is one of the best attitude one can ever have.

***** ****

Tomorrow I will blog more on  our participation on the Doha Home Educators Fall Coop.  A very wonderful experience for all of us to renew and refresh our own homeschooling efforts.