Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What is Self Confidence?

Magnificent March 22,2011
9:10 a.m.

Sarah Ban Breatnach’s reflection for March 21 in her book: Simple Abundance focuses on What is Self Confidence?

Not so long ago, a long lost friend pops up into my life and declares to me that he has already achieved financial freedom.
That was a clear and stark revelation of self confidence.
I was really floored and was really swept away by this tide of optimism.
Could I muster the same words without sounding self conceited and so overly obnoxious?
I am not really sure myself.
At this point in my life, the connection between my ability to generate income and my level of can do attitude is still a blur.
I try not castigate myself anymore for this.
I know that all I have is all I need.
My role as a full time homeschool mom and a soon to be mom a 2nd time is a 24/7 requirement. I may not see my bank account jump in leaps and bounds...but I know that I just have to do what I need to do at the moment and later on, be able to do what I want to do with more satisfaction that all is well that starts and ends well.
I will quote from the page of the book as I end my reflection. Sarah’s own words are very enlightening.

What is Self Confidence?
Many women confuse self esteem with self confidence. For me, self esteem is how we really feel about ourselves in the secret sanctuary of our soul. Do we love, accept and approve of ourselves unconditionally? Do we believe that we are worthy of the love of others and the best that life has to offer? The quality of our self esteem is very deeply connected to the relationship with our first and most important critics: our parents. If they unconditionally loved, accepted and approved of us, then we probably do too.
But self confidence is a special elixir that Spirit has prepared to help each of us face and surmount the challenges of life. It’s aromatic blend of invigorating essences, attitude, experience, knowledge, wisdom and optimism and faith. If we were fortunate enough to grow up in loving and supportive homes and our self esteem is strong, we learned our own homeopathic formula early. If we did not, then we need to learn how to mix our own custom blend. What’s important to realize is that self confidence is available to all of us.
An optimistic attitude is essential to self confidence. So is learning from our mistakes and recognizing that everything in life can be used as a lesson once we are willing to be taught. “ if you think you can, you can,” the American cosmetic entrepreneur Mary Kay Ash tells us, “ And if you think you can’t , you are right.”
Today, tell yourself that you can do anything you want to do. Because you can. Like an expensive perfume, only a smidgen of self confidence is needed to enhance a woman’s authentic aura.

Very well said. Hopefully soon, my words will be as delicious as Sarah’s. I know I can do this. I am right. Well done is almost always better than well said.

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