Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brrrrhhhhh bed weather!

No, the weather report says it is not a storm. It is just a tropical depression.
Oh well, I am a bit sad over my laundry.
Gimini Cricket was whispering to me, bring them in already before we left at 1130 am.
I did, but not all of it.
So, the rain, drenched the few items I left out on the clothes line.
I have to do them again.
And….it is confirmed, my under- the- kitchen- sink- cabinet - leak, is rain/drain related….I almost slipped over the ankle deep water puddle in my dinning area, which was already reaching under the Berlin wall bamboo bench I have dividing the sala and the dinning area.
My landlord will really hear from me tomorrow.
I claim, calmness of spirit and attitude.
Imagine…what if I broke my neck or my head.
This is a result of poor planning and plumbing.
I was soaked by the rain, was in a hurry to take a pee, the house was semi dark, it was still 430pm but with all the dark rain clouds the afternoon light was not sufficient for me to see the state of my apartment...I just felt water lapping into my blue ballet flats and almost made a split , my legs going opposite directions.
Oh me Oh my. Moo Mai.

Anyway, as to the good stuff for today.

Our Sunday adventure with Marina was not marred by the heavy downpour. On the contrary, we enjoyed riding the angel to the rescue tricycle who saved us from catching Pneumonia along JP.Rizal. There was a monster traffic in the other side of Makati with lots of flooding..thus, no taxi in sight.

So, we enjoyed the speed boat effect it had while our knight and shinning armor & stead waded the knee deep inner streets bringing us to catch our 330pm children’s mass across the Pasig river in San Roque church, Mandaluyong City.

The gospel for today focused on the promise made by our Savior when we pray: “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you.”

Lord knows, what I am banging on His doors for. It is actually for my daughter. Her heartfelt wishes are so…inspiring. I am just the good fairy, trying to aid/facilitate it’s processing.

The ball is in your court now Lord. Take over.

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