Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18, 2010

There again, my post got lost.
I clicked something. Maybe the wrong keys. Whew. Better listen to my hubby's advise to write it in word then copy paste it.
Ok be back in a sec.
Here it is fresh from the word doc press:
Last Friday, this accidental click of the wrong key, led to the erase of my post. I initially felt it was a relief to see my thoughts in print. I strongly felt it was a beautiful piece. An integral part of my memory and myself.
Losing it by accident to a key stroke tangle…was quite a loss.
Tsk tsk…quite trivial one might thing. So petty.
But for me…it was quite depressing.
Anyway, one of my blogging goals is to unload and round off emotional snags and tears and attempt to by Pollyanna in all of these.
Writing has been my arm chair therapy.
My healing journey.
Last night, I was not able to do a post since…I still felt bad.
I was still processing and digesting some developments in my day which somehow left a sour taste in my tongue…I refrained from writing lest it will be angst riddled.
Anyway, today is another day…actually, the start of a brand new day and week. Clock says 12:20 A.M. and yes…. I will claim order and success in all of my tasks and challenges. I will seek and claim in faith…God’s blessing to me and to you my anonymous reader.
You are free to journey with me as a kindred spirit not the devil’s advocate please.
Be free to post your kind comments…not your biting criticism.
Today, as promised to my daughter…we would have our home spa treatment.
My hair has been frizzled a lot due to the changes in the weather. No amount of relaxing gel works to my benefit.
I still have not gotten the chance or time to use my Hair Iron/Curling set given to me by my BFF as a going away (hers) gift.
Having my hair relaxed in the beauty salon will not relax my pocket at all.
It will shoot up my blood pressure and cause havoc to my tight budget.
So, I contend with an overly used and tired do, the pony tail.
We plucked 2 thick leaves from the aloe vera plants we have outside.
Started on that. Lot of rubbing and massaging on the hair roots to tips.
My daughter was like a purring cat being massaged vigorously.
Next step, was Pond’s cold cream on the face and neck. My Gerber carrots baby food is gone. So, this will do for today.
Then we proceeded to nail care and foot heel filing.
My daughter kept saying, this is the best spa day mama. Let us do this again next Sunday.
And yes, it is going to be a regular date.
Pampering oneself is one way to truly loving oneself.
Something, I have not done much for a long long while now.
So, the bad hair day of yesterday, will be a dim memory soon.
“ I’m coming out, I want the world to know…”

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