Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I just finished reading a news article of a Milo Marathon runner who suffered & died due to multiple organ failture brought about by heatstroke and lapses in proper cooling and hydration support by the organizer.
I offer prayers for his soul and his family.
I hear that there are more reported deaths brought about by this marathon last July 4,2010.
I wanna talk about BAGS.
No, not the kind under my eyes due to lack of sleep.
Or the signature brands that cost an arm and a leg or your soul.

Lella Santiago of July 20,2010 Kerygma Daily Bible Reflection tells us about this BAG OF MIRACLES she recounts and recollects everytime.
B stands for Blessings.
A is for accomplishments and achievements over trials and challenges
G is good deeds for others.

As she journals this, she continually marvels at God's amazing love for her.

Yeah, as they say count your blessings all the time.

I added my own S for sorry to people I have hurt and offering sorry and forgiveness for those who have hurt me.

It makes the travel much much lighter.

So, here is my version of BAGS for today.


Roof over my daughter and my head. Although the laundry/cum kitchen area has leaks on the roof...it still has covered us with ample protection from typhoons from Basyang to way back to Ondoy to Milenyo.

The energy and time to have homeschool with my daughter. I just encountered the thought that reminds us that LIFE IS NOT ALL ABOUT WORK/CAREER, things/circumstances may slow us down for us to stop and smell the roses along the way.

Deciding to homeschool my daughter has lessened the stress in my life considerably and I get to hug her anytime of the day and have lunch with her. Something I would not be able to do if I was so busy running after the dough out of the house while I try to climb the ladder or other people as I go up the career plane/floors/levels.

Less is more indeed.


First of, I have so far succeeded in not making this blog angst riddled and really a vent of hot steam.

I have achieved the proper balance of rounding off and praying for people and circumstances that disturb my spirit, body and soul.

Got my recommendation letter from a former boss so I can finally file my enrollment with UP OPEN UNIVERSTIY.


Hot choco and bread for breakfast with a neighbor who has many times failed /hurt me.

Smiling at people who are not nice. Not cynically but with love in my heart.

Being compassionate and understanding, though difficult, for those XX and OO who have snobbed me in my time of need or request for the recommendation letter.



Not sure I have wronged anybody today.

Maybe the jeepney driver I annoyed when we hailed it, then suddenly remembered I forgot something and did not ride....perhaps I annoyed him due to my forgetfullness.

Or perhaps the lady beside us at the adoration chapel who was a bit bothered by my daughter's chat with me. I sshhd her anyway but still the lady gave me this look.

Or the other lady in the other jeepney ride who looked at my daughter's sandals and said to her seatmate," oh those can be bought at only P35 in the market."

I said to myself, maybe the imitation. But this is the real thing, no!

But I caught myself and said....no need for feathers to get ruffled anyway, this Crocs sandals are truly a dime a dozen...besides it was only a gift by my sister and I could not afford it...or if I did, would I even buy it?

Maybe not...

I am not brand conscious anyway....but why was I a bit amused?

hahahaha, perhaps by the obnoxious manner it was referred to within an arms lenght from me.


All in the day's jeepney ride.

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