Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to have a baby boy?

It is 12:02 am in the digital clock on my computer screen.
I have my rock salt ready.
I have been given tips to put 2-3 grains of rock salt on my tongue to help me catch sleep.
Last night was another tossing and turning session for me.
My daughter was bothered too.
I thought she was sleep talking when she asked me if I can’t sleep.
She hugged me and patted me to sleep.
It was a good thing, we enjoyed a chilly weather.
Very nice for snuggling and cuddling.

I also have my step walker beside me now.
I intend to use it to the count of 75.
So, it will make me so tired and will go flat out to dreamland.

The whole day today…I had to catch snoozes of 5-10 minutes each.
I gave Mari seatwork and she gingerly set the timer and shook me up for lessons.
But early evening tonight, I put on the TV just to pass the time.
Actually a NO NO for weeknights/school nights.
So while we were trying our best to fit into the bamboo bench like peas in a pod….I soaked in the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZs.

So…the tv lulled me to sleep from 8-11pm.
I just hope my blogging ritual now will help me sleep.
…and though how much interesting and addicting Facebook is , I will not even dare open a single profile.
Just snap and zap my blog.
That is it.
Nothing else.
Hasta la vista FB.

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me.
Music, Arts and P.E. day for us.

I also have to draft letters for 2 neighbors who asked me for some help.

I have to print some documents for mailing on Saturday.

I also have to search where Davilo or Dovelo St. is in Barangay Sta. Cruz, Makati City.

I long for those days when I hit my head on the pillow and it’s lights off automatically.
I miss those times so terribly.

Ok, perhaps it comes with the territory.

Clock is ticking and the million dollar question is hanging a heavy cloud over me….To be or not to be a mother again?

I will devote the next blogs on the why’s and the why not….and if ever I make a go of it….How to make a baby boy?

I hear that there is a 99.9 % full proof way.

Let us discover the ways together.

Hmmmm…. This is going to be exciting, I bet.

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