Friday, July 23, 2010

Pros and Cons to having another baby

This morning, as our morning routine with my daughter/student, we check the book of Proverbs for our memory verse.

I then transfer it onto a small white board for her and me to see visibly in the house during the whole day.

And lo, much to my amazement, I found one of my favorite bible quotes:

“ Trust in the Lord, with all your heart and all your mind, lean not in your own understanding, and He will make straight your paths.”

It was a very clear assurance of the biggest stumbling block to my considering another child—the practical aspects of feeding and schooling him/her. It can rack up a considerable figure if you look at it in the long stretch.

One ( a worry wart) like me, cannot help but feel a bit overwhelmed and anxious.

So…this particular morning’s treasure find, was what I just needed as I attempt to come to a proactive and really….sound decision.

Why does it sound…like it is only I who has to make a decision?

Simply because, My husband and my daughter are really for the affirmative side for a long time now.

2 is to 1 is really something I cannot really overturn, just like that.

Oh by the way…I forgot to mention, I slept like a baby last night.

The rock salt really did the trick.

It glued my eyes really really shut and I woke up…feeling so rested and beautiful. The magic mirror on the wall no longer noted the heavy bags and rings under my eyes.


So, are we done with the book of Proverb?

No not yet….

My daughter asked me who wrote it.

So, I had to pull out the good ole book again and check.

As, I checked the commentary at the start of the book….I was tickled by another information that has long been forgotten by my always forgetful mind….Proverbs 31 The Ideal Wife.

Oh boy…was this going to be really an interesting ride this morning.

So, I tossed my slippers aside for a moment and curled myself in the worn out leatherette cushioned armchair we have in our sala and read on.


More thoughts pouring into my mind….hmmmm….plentiful to stock up on a lot of commentary blogs….


Wait a minute…the bottom line….You will do anything for the love of your life…your partner, your lover and marathon of life buddy.

My U.P. oblation.

My Adam.

My…Goliath and David…

My Sodom….nah…not that…

This part of my blogging is an off shoot, an influence of reading the Song of Songs…which is quite interesting to note…on the intimacy aspect of husband and wife. It somehow tickled my imagination pink and blushed my cheeks now and then.

Blue, red and all the colors of explosion and wonder and amazement and ohhs and ahhs…


Sodom sounds like a contraceptive device that we once used…but threw away after I became resolute to go the natural way. Abstinence, Calendar/Rhythm or Withdrawal method.

Anything synthetic or with germicides and spermicide, scents and flavors and all the other chemical components really repelled me and gave me bad side effects. Rashes was just one.

I never tried the pill throughout my married life..and have a long list of reasons why not.

Anyway….so far it has worked and I appreciate my husband for being so sensitive to my need for proper breathing space after my first born.

Anyway, 7 years is I guess a long wait.

And, with Divine providence, I will have the right and proper attitude toward it…one with a welcoming and happy spirit.

There are a lot information out there that I have to review and put into practice as we attempt for a boy.

There are suggestions on positioning, deep thrust for proper implantation.

The Y chromosome easily dies…thus it has to meet the X chromosome right away…so for it not to travel much and long, it should be planted at the ….

(I stopped at this point and shared it to via SKYPE to my husband for review)

We ended up laughing when he said…what is next?

And he reminded me of my daughter’s song:

“ ….deep, deep, down down, deep, down in my heart.”

I honestly don’t know the female reproductive organs beyond the external. Have to review more on this.

We just have been recently discussing and googling about the Labia and the Vulva.

Thus..he is reminding me now and then on text that he has to kiss the other lips also and cant’ wait to.


Ok PG 18 required for the next discussion.

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