Friday, July 16, 2010

July 16, 2010

It is almost 11pm. Hubby is off to edit a video of our 7 year old. Hope to post it later.
I wanna talk about several points.
The manipulation incident is still hanging over me like a dark cloud.
But...I put a resolution to it and surrender it to the Almighty's disposition.
I mean, if putting me in a I can not refuse will not hang bitter in their after taste...I hope by some grace of intervention...they will yield and make a U turn instead.
Dusting off my hands.
God, it is in your court now. Take over.
Ok, This morning..for C.L.E. I asked Marina to look up the good ole book and find where Exodus 20:2-17, Psalm 23 is and read it to me.
As a finale, I asked her to check out Psalm 22:6
I was irritated since it was not what I was expecting to hear. Upon double checking it was the wrong quote. I was mistaken in taking note of it.
Anyway...after scouring the whole was not in any of the other verse 6.
Then when I was about the throw in the towel, I said, maybe later, I will find it. My little one, who at that point astounded me with her wisdom
said," why don't you check Proverbs.?"
It was the next book.
I was on earth? I have not introduced it to her after a long long while...
Ok...I relented.
Proverb 22:6.
It was it.
I was soooo happy.
Another confirmation of my long time decision to home school her.
It was a surreal incident.
Anyway, for the past several days, I have encountered objections from people when they find out our home school situation.
They look at me as if I was an alien from outer space or from heaven knows where.
My only answer, it is not for all rest assured the socialization aspect of her development is on the right track.
It is not a question of her being an introvert. It is the contrary. She is the life of the party is more like it.
She loves people and socialization. I make sure she gets pretty good exposure of that.
My challenge is to temper it. To balance it off. The scale my swing too much to the far end of the pedulum and what will I have in my hands?
Who knows?
Anyway..she is happy and I am happy.
Less is more actually.
Anyway....We had Music, ARts and Sports today.
We can actually paint the whole day if she likes...but, I had a schedule to follow so...she painted 2 pictures with a nice poetic caption to it.
Prior to me finding the desired scripture verse...she was asking me about having menstruation, having babies.
At the back of my mind...I was happy, that I was there to be able to deal with her question...she has a lot lately about the birds and the bees too and adultery etc.
There are times...when I am not up to explaining to her level...I just say, can we talk about it some other time...when you are a little grown up a bit.
She asks me tonight, when is it the right time for her to watch adult movies. I said, when you are in college...then I said..maybe when you are 24.
Not 22 mom?
No not.
Not 23 mom?
Haggling time.
No. is so fullfilling at the end of the day when she hugs me and says, thanks for homeschooling today. You are the best teacher in the world.
Flap flap...go my dumbo ears.
As a friday treat...we watched an old CD we had, Starsky and Hutch...and it was fun.
I remembered the 70's songs...all wonderful and nice.
Afternoon Delight is getting to be delightful after not hearing it for a while now.
Dad used to play it full volume to wake us up for school each day.
Arghhh...was the way to wake up.
God is good.

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