Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 16,2010

I had to check the calendar and see what day it is.
I am skyping with my husband, who is 5 hours earlier. He will just have his dinner while I will attempt to catch some sleep after I re-create my before sleeping ritual-blogging.
I see that it is early morning of July 16- Feast of the Lady of Mount Carmel.
Almost 2 decades ago...this was a tragic day. The earthquake that devastated Baguio and Nueva Ecija struck.
Lord, never again please.
Few days ago, we experienced another hairy moment with the Typhoon Basyang.
From the namesake of the kind old grandma of story telling time..this howling storm did not lull me to sleep at all.
The power outtage experienced led me to cook all the 2 weeks stock in my freezer and share them to my neighbors. Admittedly, I was a bit with a heavy heart...I mean, I was all organized to stretch the peso..and had to let go of it in a day.
Anyway, the priest in yesterday's mass said, count your blessings. Consider yourself as lucky and so blessed that although Metro Manila was directly hit, not much damaged was experienced.
I was more anxious of the night prowlers.
The creaking sounds made me remember Oct.7 and the near break in my home at the height of strong winds with the foiled super typhoon in the tail of Ondoy.
So, what is bothering me today..or because of events of yesterday?
Oh, some arm twisting stuff or manipulation.
Putting one in a situation where NO is unacceptable.
No way.
This blogging will not be angst ridden.
It will not be a hot kettle steam spout.
I will try to be more sublime.
I will try to go beyond animal instincts.
Bite, scratch, maim.
No more....
I will cast unto Him who said, Cast unto me all who burden, and I will give you rest.
I will pray for these people.
I pray for blessings upon them and whatever situation they are in, may be alleviated, or soothed.
I pray for solutions to their challenges.
I continue to count my blessings.
My daughter singing....It is time for us, to make our dreams come true....
with much gusto.
My husband, so busy planning for things to come.
My day being well done.
Alright now mate...carry on.
Today's done, tomorrow's another day.
and...I ask the Lord's portion of graces to be able to do what I need to do...with a smile in my face and my heart.

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