Wednesday, July 21, 2010




In my mid to late twenties, I was tasked to give short talks on Christian teaching tracts to single young professionals. I thoroughly enjoyed doing these challenges. I became one of the more favored and sought after speakers.

Soon after that, I was seriously considering taking up Education units at the University belt in Manila. My dream was to teach values education to college students. I was of course eyeing the Civil Service test as well as the Teacher Board Exam.

Fate has a way of derailing our well made plans and purposes.

In my early thirties I tied the knot with my 2 year old intimate relationship. As we were about to greet our first born, I was strongly drawn to home schooling our child. Somehow, this yearning never left me.


Again, fate led me to get to know a local home school provider and after 2 years of convincing my husband and daughter, we are now on the 2nd year of home schooling.

My daughter is now on the first grade and each day is quite a challenge…and I am more than willing to take up each hurdle, just so, I can bask in the end of day affirmation I get from my daughter who tells me, this has been a great day mom. Thanks for being my teacher.

So, from a seed of a thought and yearning…the germination process has now begun.

I am now looking forward to the breaking of soil.

To be able to finish this year in home schooling with a much better grasp and practice of teaching tools and techniques. I should have lessened the mistakes and the frustration.

This is the reason why, I am so very happy to have finally learned that UP OPEN UNIVERSITY is here to provide me with this necessary skill and credential to be able to really say with the correct/proper backing/support, that yes, I am equipped to teach. And yes, I can teach my child or any other child/young adult who has the confidence in me to mold and guide them.


I do have several plans. My most immediate plan is to continue home schooling my daughter until the end of this school year. Our agreement is to take each year at a time as to assess and re-assess whether we are going to pursue another year to the next.

I do not like to force her so it has to be an agreed undertaking.

My one to two year plan is to put up my own on-line English tutorial classes/school that will target the following countries Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

My long term plan which will be three to five years from now is to put up my own day care/tutorial center in a neighborhood which will provide us with the pioneering edge.

It could be in the local setting or somewhere abroad where my husband’s career beckons.

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