Monday, July 19, 2010

Was My Face RED?

I discovered my depression was all for naught.
Twas folly.
My posts were being automatically saved in the draft section of my account.
Ok..oh boy, was my face red #1.

My face was red #2nd time today because...I almost lost my cool and patience.
By God's special grace I was able to hold it.
This time of the month, when my monthly period should be dropping by any moment already short super super thin.

Anyway....I did not allow whatever the situation to get the better of me and my day.
The goals for the day where achieved.
Though my just treated hair with aloe vera...was back to it's jolly old self and made a hay day plus...the hot weather fizzle and sizzle.....which reminds me of the hot iron plate of burger stoves.....So I was the vision of a grizzle bear sporting a mane ,like punk rockers just coming from an elecric shock with it's guitar.
Never mind....
It will be settled and smoothened out soon. I just need to continue my hair spa treatment regularly.
Accomplisment #1:
I was able to organize 20% of my clutter.
It made me breath much easier.
Files are now neatly kept.

The kitchen sink leak was miraculously dry today. Hmmmm...what was that all about? Where was it coming from?

For further sleuthing.

But washing the big kitchen rug was a challenge plus the all other small mats.

My back is aching and hopefully will catch my 40 winks easily.

God bless. Good night.
Right on the dot...I stop at 11:58pm.
God is good.

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