Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ice cold Coke please!!!

I feel so exhausted. Mag coke muna tayo!

I started the day so early. This was going to be a full day. Many errands to do plus a playtime visit by my daughter to her friends in the nearby California Gardens Village by mid afternoon.

Unfortunately, the appointment supposedly right after that was a bit of a challenge. She kept on changing and changing the time.

Good thing everything fell into place. But I was a bit stressed out already. The most important errand had to be postponed hopefully for tomorrow or Monday.

I was so happy to see my daughter and her friend, play to their hearts content. Running and running around as if their energy was limitless. How I envy that. A wise man once noted…all that energy lost in youth….So true so true… Here you are running after time, and your energy level abandons you when you still need more. Running on fumes is not a good idea at all.

Anyway, the day was capped with my daughter getting her favorite pork bar b.q. while I did my grocery shopping. The dessert of Vanilla ice cream from Mini Stop came first.

One thing good came out of this day… seeing my daughter beso beso her friend after their play date. It was so nice to see the two chums really happy for a day well spent in play. Oh, there were petty skirmishes of what game to play next. My daughter wanted to play more of the ball while her buddy wanted more of board games.

Another thing….I surprisingly recalled the complete name of an acquaintance of 15 long years ago in the Robinson’s grocery.

We were both so surprised for my quick recall.

This was usually a common embarrassment I experienced when bumping into friends or acquaintance and having to ask…what their names were.

Hmmmm…..This is good. Very good indeed. These brain cells have regenerated despite the sleepless night.

Till tomorrow then, the body is so bone tired.

I miss my hubby so much and his massages when I am in this exact state. I just reminded him 2 years being apart is the limit. No more after this.

Come to think of it…If I get pregnant during his vacation here…it will mean, I could give birth without him around….Hmmmmm…. me think, this is not good. I hope he could work out an emergency leave of some sort.

Useless anxieties again.

Lord, I offer to you up everything and trust in you for what is best.

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