Saturday, August 7, 2010

Some Guys Have All The Luck...Some Guys...

Yesterday, my daughter and I were appreciating this Rod Stewart song while she was making her No Smoking Poster. She said: Mama that is a nice song. I said, yeah. I told her, Rod Stewart also sings the: Have I told you seemed to have forgotten. I already told her about it before. thoughts were kinda glued to the lines:
Some guys have all the luck,
Some guys have all the pain,
Some guys do nothing but complain.
Well...Bishop Luis Tagle, in todays mass celebrating Christs Transfiguration also touched on this last line: People who are full of problems and complaints.
I hope..I am not one of those.
But, admittedly, I can really be caught up with emotions now and then..especially if I am trying to deal with meaness from certain people.
You now, just downright meaness.
Another inspirational writer in the Oprah series..says that Mean people suck...but they should be pitied first and foremost since Mean people are hurting people that is why they easily hurt others as a defense mechanism of some sort.
They are looking at others with glasses of being victims.
They want to change the tables by being the perceived victors with the upper hand when they achieve an offensive stance..which turns out to really be very offensive.
The article further suggest ways on treating this budding bullies.
One most effective way to deal with them, is not to deal with them at all.
I tried it just the other day...
It worked...
This person, buckled and became a bit nicer.
But...all because, it had an ulterior motive.
My next move....just continue to keep the distance.
Well, this past week saw me being dowm with something that made me so dizzy with splitting headaches.
It has been almost 2 weeks now that I have not made any reflections.
Well, last week was some kinda stormy week. Literally and figuratively.
Finally the monthly period came with much of a fuss...hormonally speaking.
I was like Mt. Pinatubo almost about the blow my top.
I claim order and peace in this coming week.
Marina and I are excited to start another home school quarter kicking off with preparations for the Linggo ng Wika.
I am so eager to choreograph a traditional Southern Philippines dance. I am almost done with her costume.
The bead work would have to be put on hold yet.
I have yet to compute and submit her grades.
Guide her through several projects and science experiments yet.
We can do this!
With God's wonderful blessing and graces..Who needs luck!
After all, luck happens when preparation and opportunity meet.

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