Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vicissitudes and Tenterhooks

Amazing and Awesome April 10,2011
8:25 a.m.

These past few days, after 20+ years of having the Simple Abundance book by Sarah Ban Breathnach close on hand, like a north star guiding me in rough and still waters, I have finally googled her and seen pictures and videos of her. is so nice to match my own picture of her to her real photo.
I also learned that she pronounces her last name in a very novel way. Ban Breenak. Or something like that.
I actually like to pronounce it as breath as in take my breath away.
And nach as in snatch.
I think it is more apt to my experience with her book.
It does takes my breath away...but with the beautiful reflections and rounding off possibilities of life’s vicissitudes...the ebb and tide of tenterhook moments...give way to sublime feeling of wholeness and calm.

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