Friday, April 15, 2011


Amazing and Awesome April 15,2011
10:15 a.m.

There are times, I cannot help reading ahead in the daily reflections of Sarah. For the rest of the days in this Amazing and Awesome month, she focuses on bringing out one’s authenticity and beauty. Next month she delves into one very challenging and sensitive’s abode.
I chose to talk on peace for my reflection today. It is one of the basic principles of Simple Abundance.
While I write, Mang Henry, our apartment handy man is chipping away cement of my apartment floor. The pounding, the clink of his iron materials, the spray of broken chips and pieces of cement and a challenge to my sanity and peace.
I am expecting our apartment administrator to drop by anytime soon. Hopefully as she has promised for the nth time.
I have been waiting and waiting for this since, last Wednesday.
Since last January actually.
Since last year truthfully.
Maybe...hopefully, I will be as cool and serene as Grace Kelly again.
The challenges we face in the apartment has been like a work in progress or testament to my frail and fragile patience.
These past few days, it was all the more tested because, Shirley, the apartment administrator, wants to increase the rent by July despite it's sorry state of the much needed and long overdue repair. She suggested that we vacate the premises instead so they can work on the repair which has been like more than a year’s wait already on our part.
I am sorry, but, this blog will be like a vent of some sort this time.
I just hate it when people of power and authority use their positions to coerce and manipulate people into obliging with their agenda and poor business practices.
It seems, they do not like to do any repair and so, the poor tenant will just throw his hands up in despair and frustration and leave. So, they can just repaint the apartment so it will look nice again, not minding the major issues of plumbing and drainage that has really tested our wits and wills.
Each new tenant offers them a chance to increase the rent. There is no such thing as long term relationships for them or honest to goodness repair. Everything is stop gap. So, the problems are perennial. It does not get resolved.
So, we shall see if she indeed really comes.
I am asking the much needed grace and portion of patience to be able to not lose my cool.
After all, being plagued for more than one year with this challenges is really too much.
I am happy with my neighbourhood that we have come to love for the past 7 years now. So, moving out is not an option for us for this year or next. Having a baby and delivery my baby is not the time for me to be moving homes. Besides, my hubby is still off shore and relocating to our new home without him is something I do not look forward to.
My movement and mobility is being challenge so much lately. Lying down, sitting, walking, bathing or simply putting on my undies and clothes is quite a major feat.
I claim and trust that I will be blessed with the grace to be peaceful and graceful despite all these din around me.
All will be well.
Order, harmony, peace, joy, gratitude, beauty is surrounding me now.
I bask in it’s fruits and blessings.
Shalom. Ommmmm...ommmm.

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