Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Concerto of Real Life

Amazing and Awesome April 26,2011
12:25 p.m.

I have missed doing my Daily Dialogue, Affirmations, Forgiveness and Thanksgiving list for several days now.
The Holy Week activities did really challenge me physically.
By God’s grace, I was able to do our Bisita Iglesia and Seven Last words reflection.
Easter Mass morning then Egg Hunting for Mari in the chapel grounds in Grandpa’s neighbourhood.
Yes, indeed, man proposes and God disposes.
Or is it the other way around?
For one moment there, I am not sure.
Let us see...
We make plans and yet, sometimes, God has a different plan.
Example, we were set to do the Bisita Iglesia at 6pm but as we got to San Roque church, the mass was just starting. I thought it would be much earlier. So, Eleanor said, let’s go to mass first. I planned to just start it, then leave half way, so we wont finish so late in the Bisita Iglesia, but...then, a Greeter and Collector lady, asked me to join the offertory group. I hesitated. My walk has somehow transformed into a waddle...and somehow, walking the long aisle like a big bellied penguin was something not so welcome for me.
Eleanor said yes for me.
And so, it was God’s plan maybe...cause, it was such a blessed and blissful experience. I felt so high being handed the big chalice containing the host of Christ to be offered in behalf of the community.
It was indescribable.
God wanted me to do it, despite my other plans...and so I obliged and yes, He equipped me...my waddle was somehow not so pronounced.... I was not swaying left to right as I walk back to my seat...I was somehow, floating and sashaying gracefully.
Hahahah...and indeed everything fell into place.
God is good.
For today’s reflection...Sarah focuses on the Major and Minor Chords of Pleasure. In life, she says, it is when one thing is taken away from us, that we only realize their importance. Example, if say our sense of hearing is all of a sudden taken away from us....it is such a traumatic experience.
Imagine, you not being able to hear, the tap water flowing...or a river rushing with full force...or your husband’s deep snoring beside you, reminding you, with each rise and fall of his sounds, that he loves you...or the steps of your daughter eagerly and excited to kiss you goodbye as she runs off to her Taekwondo class...or her telling you ...Mama you are beautiful...out of the blue.
Or.....” ....exquisite sound of silence cascading over me when I momentarily let go and allow the Universe to proceed without my assistance or supervision; and music to soothe, inspire, and move me in unexpected waves of sublime pleasure. The concerto of Real Life is playing, delight with thanksgiving in the major and minor chords of it’s beautiful refrain.” (April 26 reflection, Simple Abundance , Sarah Ban Breathnach)

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