Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Loving and Honoring One's Body

Amazing and Awesome April 12, 2011
10:35 a.m.


Today’s Simple Abundance reflection by Sarah Ban Breathnach is on learning to love and honor one’s body.
Come to think of it, it is the only one we have got from the start to the finish.
So, how we take care of it, pamper , ignore it, hate it, will determine the mileage and the quality of the ride.
Well, of course, there are a lot of other factors beyond our control, like the amount of pesticides that jump into our food with the vegetables we purchase. Now, it is no longer just the pesticide scare, but the amount of radioactive elements/ traces that can now be found in air, land and water c/o the great temblor in Japan.
Making peace with the one’s body type is probably the first step we can make in absolute liberation.
Freedom from the pressure of looking like a glossed over fashion mag cover all of the time.
Or a beauty queen gliding in the ramp with a pasted smile and carrying a bouquet in one hand.
Lately, if people constantly tell me I am so huge and look like a Buddha, I am able to easily muster a smile and even prod them to rub my belly for good luck.
I have accepted that with the growing miracle inside me...my body is being prepared for the nursing and nurturing of the soon to pop human being.
Brazo the Mercedes arms...I do not cringe so much when I see them. I just tell myself, it will develop into muscles with the cradling and carrying of the little one soon.
So, whatever body I am blessed with, I am almost 99% at peace.
I have no other choice but to make it a pleasant ride as much as possible.
With a positive thought, all things are positively possible.

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