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Amazing and Awesome April 29,2011
9:45 a.m.

Yesterday’s reflection was devoted on intuition. I was not inclined to talk about it. I can actually write a handful on this special gift I possess. But, my blog would be like an suspense thriller novel. Maybe perhaps some other time.

April 29 reflection has to do with Allure: The Feminine Mystique.

I want to copy each and every word of Sarah on this. It is simply beautiful how she plays her thoughts with the proper weaving of every heartbeat at a time. Here she goes:

Ingrid Bergman had it in Casablanca. Fifty years later, Michele Pfeiffer epitomized it as Edith Wharton’s heroine, Countess Ellen Olenska, in the film version of The Age of Innocence. It is allure, the mesmerizing power to entice or attract through personal charm and mystery.

We’re not much into the mystery these days, which is a pity. These are times of tell-all-talk shows, tattletale books, and tabloid truths. Ntozake Shange believe that “ Where there is a woman, there should be mystery. What intrigues me most is the mystery- allure- of how some women seem to pull it all together so effortlessly. This is the aspect of the feminine mystique that compels and invites investigation. Who are these women and how did they evolve into these higher beings?

You see them in business meetings- confident, assured, and in command- or smiling serenely in the hallway at school while waiting patiently to pick up the afternoon car pool, a baby over one shoulder, a toddler in tow. These women don’t look frazzled, fatigued, or fed up; they look fabulous. They do simply juggle; they fly through the air with the greatest of ease. You wonder: what is their secret? Are they on Prozac? Is it plenty of money, being well organized, positive thinking, or the favourable alignment of celestial bodies? Perhaps it is something more profound: a deep spiritual connection.

(Oh how I love these part. It is something I have yet to evolve into. Soon, I hope.)

Does the computer ever break down when these women are on a deadline, do the kids ever whine, does the car ever need to be towed, have they ever taken a dog who just wrestled with a porcupine to the vet?

(Hark! Hark! This picture in my mind is so hilarious.)

You and I have, which is why occasionally Rio de Janeiro sounds appealing.

(or perhaps this animation film called RIO, we have yet to watch it.)

Then without missing a beat you wipe a snotty nose, change a dirty diaper, defrost the hamburger in the microwave, start the spaghetti sauce, sew a button on a coat, help someone with her homework. You pause for a moment, wondering what they would do if you weren’t here and realize in the same breath that you’re awfully glad you are. Much to your astonishment, it occurs to you that you must also possess some aspect of allure because everybody in the house gravitates to you. In the middle of the night they call you name.
And there’s certainly enough mystery to ponder-such as the mystery of what will happen next. But instead of worrying or obsessing, you decide to just let go and see what occurs. You choose to take joy in your real life as it unfolds day by day,, hour by hour, a heartbeat at a time. Emily Dickinson confessed that “ To live is so startling, it leaves little time for anything else.” Your face may never end up on the silver screen. Nor will mine. But we can arrive at an inner awareness that just living and loving it all is alluring enough.

Just as well, my inner resolve to make this blogging efforts of mine be a mystifying and de-mystifying aspect of my being.
The more I share or reveal, the more it will lock in the factor of allure and maybe I can soon realize one of the items in my bucket be part of a great movie production...with maybe my name as title? Hilarious we shall see.

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