Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nov.13 Thanks

I am so are my thank you list:
1. Marina surprised me with reciting the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary from memory. Wow. I was floored. It was so unexpected. I thought she was reading from the guide. Upon looking at her...she was sans the booklet. O wow! She missed several. But, it is alright. The novelty of it being unexpected is worth it.
2. Banana cake with almond toppings from Victoria.
3. A beautiful, heartfelt letter from Marina.
4. Taking a long, restful nap with Marcelina.
5. Early morning Vitamin D exposure with Marcelina. Cool air. Cordial neighbors.
6. The “suman” vendor. Breakfast with Swiss Miss hot choco with mallows and the suman malagkit and kamoteng kahoy. Delicious.
7. The first taste of Tamales. It was ok. At least, now, I know what it is.
8. Phone call from Chubby. He was verifying if I would watch the Pacquiao fight.
9. Bag of stateside pasalubong from another neighbour.
10. The welcoming attitude and gestures of the Vergara family from Los Angeles CA.

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