Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Thanksgiving


Am I having short term memory loss already. I am thinking very hard what happened yesterday and it takes a while for me to recall the events. Oh, ok...there you go..I have some of it now.
My gratitude list for yesterday are as follows:
1. Aling Lusing, who never fails to come and do our laundry. We are almost done in the checklist of things to wash. The bunch of stuff toys look so new without their almost soft film of dust. Giving them this grey color pre laundry date. Now, they look so vibrant and nice.
2. Bills were paid and I am now enrolled for another semester to finish my required units in a certificate course. Thank God.
3. LILLI’s determination to sit up and crawl. Turning over is quite a breeze for her now.
4. Marina and Lilli’s adoring eyes for each other.
5. Hot pandesal with Marina. Walking to the bakery arm in waist. Chatting with neighbours along the way.
6. Cool evening breeze.
7. Friend Malu saving the day for the Sakura plant from Japan.
8. Gemma helping me find a way to really retrieve it.
9. Wonderful food I was able to cook...veggies with fish.
10. Lilli’s first solid food of mashed squashed...her face,hair and body had bits and pieces of the meal...she was struggling with her spoon but her lip smucking sounds told me she was enjoying it.

And here are my thanksgiving for today :
1. My next door neighbour’s helping hand in doing errands and pitching in caring for Lilli when my hands are full.
2. Marina playing and taking care of her baby sis...reading to Lilli while her baby sis was really eyes glued only to her. It was such a heart warming sight. Their hearty laugh when Mari plays with her.
3. Chat with my younger brother Michael.
4. Chat with a high school classmate Edgar.
5. Regular chat with hubby.
6. Enjoying cinnamon roll with Marina.
7. Watching her play with her friends.
8. Watching Lilli want to grasp and grab things...telling me to reorder things to avoid breakage and accidents.
9. Lilli’s sweetness.
10. Marina’s hugs and kisses.
11. The Sakura plant finally in my possession. Thanks Gemma. Thanks Malu.

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