Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thanksgiving always!

Here is my gratitude list for Nov.12,2011:
1. English tutoring done for 3 kids with much gusto.
2. Movie time bonding with Marina...Ramona and Beesuz is such a cute movie that reminds us that kids may have a totally different perception of adult or big people stuff. It could really be frightening for them is up to us how to cushion it or make it as fun as possible.
3.Finalization of 2nd Semester enrollment w/ UPOU
4.The presence of my Cherry Blossom or Sakura plant from Japan.
5.My adorable 5 month old.
5. My wonderfully challenging 8 year old.
6. Hot pandesal simple treat for Marina and I.
7.Surprise visit of my brother Pong and his wife Jen. Lovely chat shared.
8.Apostolate time.
9.Good food on our table.
10. Keeping cool despite the humid weather.
11. This wonderful playlist on my media player.
12.Uploading wonderful pictures on FB of my daughters with cousin Stef.

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