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After a period of writing inactivity, I decided to write a few lines on my blog. I wanted to put my thoughts on my end of the year thanksgiving and the start of my New Year resolutions.
I first checked the Yahoo Trending topics.
This really intrigued me.
The Philippines is again witness to the wrath of nature . Our southern countrymen in Cagayan de Oro, Iligan and Dumaguete are picking up the pieces of what typhoon Sendong left in its trail.
My heart is quite perplexed and saddened by the wide scale disaster. Reminding me once again, time is fleeting. Material things are so temporary.
My sister and I were talking about it yesterday. I told her I burned the midnight oil the other day trying to google earth the vicinity of our purchased house and lot. I was looking for signs of deforestation in the area. A quarry site close by is really giving me some anxiety. That is why I said, I do not like to relocate just yet. Maybe, let the 2012 doomsday predication prove itself wrong first. In the meantime, I wanna remain in my comfort zone. I wanna stay put in this apartment home of 9 years and counting.
The vision of logs piled one of top of the other scares the hell out of me.
Caking mud that has sealed families alive in their houses as their graves. Hmmmm....maybe not yet.
I still have to double check with and some of the experts in UP school of Geology etc. Give me some form of assurance that the location of my next home is not prone to floods.
And so...they say, having the end in view is wise.
So, they further say, live each day as if it were last...
So...for next year, here are my plans:

1. Laugh more.
2. Exercise more.
3. Eat more sensibly.
4. Earn while I learn.
5. Forgive more.
6. Let go of angst, irritations and angers more.
7. Smile more.
8. Be kind more to myself .
9. Be more loving to my daughters and husband.
10. Pray more.

Before, I refused to give blog space to my angst. Cause what you focus, you increase. I am really tempted to give it ample space and time in the letting go posture. So, it will clear up more pychic and emotional space for more positive energies to come in.
1. I will let go of M....who all of a sudden gave me the cold shoulder. We reconnected momentarily after so many years in FB. Then all of a sudden she ignored me. What was even worst, a common friend was in the country and wanted to meet up with all of us. Somehow, I was eased out of the invites. The guest of honor was quite apologetic. But, that is alright. I will let go of you. Bid you adieu. I still am clueless as to what happened...but...that will not be one of my cares anymore. LETTING GO YOU. Bye.
2. I will let go of have a funny way of showing “ past is past, forgive and forget.” You told these lines to me lately. And yet, on the other turn, you ignore me in FB. What are the other issues hounding you? You don’t want some people to know we are civil? You want us to behave like what? Rude people? Hmmm...maybe not for me... I am LETTING GO OF YOU and all your ISSUES AND DRAMAS.
3. I will let go of N.... I was there for you when you got into snags and tears with some of our friends. But lately, I became the target of your bicker and nastiness. You picked a fight with me. You first pried into my private affairs. You guessed when I lost my virginity. Wow. You did not like to believe my truth. So, believe what you want to believe. I do not care. I do not need to explain to you also these details of my life. I AM LETTING GO OF YOU once and finally.
4. I will let go of have this unusual way of ignoring me also in FB. Admittedly, I gave you the cold shoulder for very important reasons. I still have not gotten the chance to explain to you. I felt I did not another drama in my life. When you told me jokingly once “ Do no steal my post, ok?..I was not able to laugh right away. When you joked or said it a second then a third...I felt you were trying to tell me “back off”...and so I did. I just cannot believe that you thought I could do that to you. That I could target your position and ease you out? Wow! Is that how you view me...then we should not call each other friends. And so, I left and now, finally, I AM LETTING GO OF YOU.

Hmmm....this is so relieving. Wonderful exercise in de-stressing. Is there such a word? It sounds like distressing...hmmm. Does not sound good. What I want to say is...nice practice in exhaling. Breathe in the good, breathe out the bad vibes and all.
Thus, in doing these regularly...I may feel more lighter and happier. I somehow, cannot shelve it back in my mind and bears heavily still. This is more like throwing it out back to the universe. Freeing up more positive space in me.
Maybe....THIS 2012 will just be so LIGHT AND BUBBLY after all... Like a good tall bottle of the sparkling champagne. Cheers!

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