Monday, November 7, 2011


Noble November 7,2011
12:20 am

It has been a good day.
Prayers had been answered.
Good neighbors came to the rescue.
First day tutoring a 4 year old girl in English. She is so eager and excited to learn. Her first teacher was my 8 year old. Who by the way, also wants to be a teacher someday. Thanks to my inspiration perhaps.
Marina just came back from a one week sleepover in her grandpa’s place with her cousin Stef. They bonded so much that they did not like to separate after 3 days. So, Marina went to sleepover in their place in Paranaque.
I missed her so much.
Her dad was overly anxious to have her back asap.
I felt it was time to loosen the kite strings a bit.
Hoping that she will be alright this time.
The last time I was not a pleasant experience for me.
By God’s grace we have her back safe and sound.
She also declared she is too tired to go back to her regular school experience. You see, I made arrangements for her to be on a one month visiting student status in a nearby school. I agreed with the condition that she will go back on the 14th to complete 1 month. Her teacher and classmates are asking her to continue till December so she can be part of the Christmas Party.
We will cross the bridge when we get there.
The little one and I have bonded so much without much interruption.
But somehow, she was looking for her elder sister.
Watching her listen to the phone when I called Marina last night was something special. She became so excited and grunted 2 times.
She recognizes her sister’s voice.
Watching her see and adore her sister when she came home today was another special treat. I thank God for being able to give this 2 girls a special experience called SISTERHOOD.
They have very wonderful eyes for each other.
I know the experience Marina had with her cousin Stef will be treasured for a long time. Reading her cousins letter to her tugged at my heartstrings.
Let me cap the night with some reflections on Kerygma bible readings.
End time.
As we are about to end another year...I want to focus on thanksgiving.
I will end each blog with praises and cheer for gifts and graces received during the day.
1. Taking a long and restful nap with my 2 beautiful girls.
2. Watching my girls lovingly look at each other.
3. Good food on our table.
4. Roof over our heads.
5. Income of my husband
6. Strength and energy to tutor a 4 year old
7. Good neighbours who saved me from worries and anxieties
8. Nice neighbours with genuine hellos upon meeting along the road
9. Joy of having my baby sleep in my arms
10. Hugs and kisses from my girls and hearing Marina say I miss you mom.

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