Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Karwa Ride

Fabulous February 5,2014

Praise God!

We had such a nice and exciting day yesterday!

With a little faith and prayer, yesterday, was another blessing!

You see, we are 2days short of 7 months here in the land of sands, and yet, my husband refuses the fact, that we have to learn how to commute. Meaning to say,to  try out the turquoise colored taxi called the Karwa here.

Another thing, that Marina, Marcelina & I, are raring to experience is to ride the same colored bus here. Each time we head for home from church, a solitary bus by the bus stop near the parking area beckons to us.

I have this thing in me to really teach my kids to learn how it is to commute and never to feel ashamed or to lose face if one has to go public utility.

And so, yesterday, was our very first trip via the Karwa from pick up point, our doorstep, to Hammad Hospital.  Ravi, our driver, has been here in Qatar for more than 5 years. My good neighbor, Edna, referred him to us. Ravi tells us, Shasha, Edna’s kid was still very small when he got to know them.

Anyway, our ENT experience was another nice experience. Marcelina was very brave. And their apparatus was very modern, that the procedure was quick and almost painless. The doctor answered our million dollar question  of where to have Marcelina’s ear’s pierced. That will be next in the bucket list for her.

Anyway, on the way to QatarPost, in the intersection before Corniche, while  we were figuring out how to get to a particular landmark for photo sessions, Ruel called our attention to men donning bright LIME vests, while mini high powered rifles where  slung across their bodies.  More men, were alighting from red police vehicles to stop the traffic. We were asked to move back more than 10 meters from our point in the stop light intersection. Then after a few minutes, 6  land cruisers sped down the road.

A royal spotting!

But, you cannot really tell…although the white land cruisers were not tinted, you could just see the same white disdahsa attired Arabs in them. Was it the Emir?

I really don’t know, except that, we were front row to a Royal sighting event!

And yes, our QPost experience was not without the usual snack kiosk visit. Marcelina super enjoyed the moment while Marina beamed with delight at her Seton package of the remainder requirement of her books. It now included the standardized assessment test that we need to return quickly.

** ** **
Today’s gospel reading is about Jesus’ hometown rejection of him. His kababayans took offense of him and could not understand where his wisdom was coming from because they were stuck with the thought that he was just a carpenters son.

Stereotyping at it’s best.

This leads us to the following reflection question posed to us by The Kergyma Family Daily Bible Reflection:

What blinds you to the truth?

Cleanse me, O Lord, from all my biases and prejudices that I may clearly see my neighbor for who he really is: a child of God.

What’s your fondest memory about your home?

Lord Jesus, thank You for the many lessons learned from the harsh realities of life.

I shall end this blog with a link to a song made popular by Kuh Ledesma as written by Charlie Small for Broadway Musical . Home.

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