Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jean Valjean

Fit and Fab February 19,2014

Ruel woke me up with a question.

I hesitated to move from my very comfortable position, my right side. Thanks to the Clofen, I liberally applied on my right shoulder last night, there was nary a pain.

I felt light and a bit sluggish.

Anyway, by the grace of God, I was able to cook rice, prepare  Ruel's   breakfast, pressed  his office clothes in 30 minutes flat.

Usually, I rise earlier than 5 giving me a longer period to do all of the things required of me in the early week morning.

Before attempting to iron his cargo pants for tomorrow, I had to psyche myself fully…I kept telling myself, being an adult and mature means, doing the things, I normally wouldn’t like to do.

And lo and behold,  almost upon completion of the task at hand, I did not like to stop. The repetitive motion, almost lulled me into a soothing and calming meditation, where all negativity, faded into oblivion.

Watching my beautiful angels in their sleep, in my 15 minute break, surely energized me…and doing something challenging for the sake of another, is surely invigorating…and is the reward in itself.

** ** **
Today’s gospel is about Jesus healing the blind man with His spittle. Jesus had to touch the man’s eyes twice to complete the gradual healing.

It is the same with us, most of the times, we don’t really accomplish great big goals or tasks in 1 click.

It requires, constant, regular and continues progress to attain perfection and or success.

In the spiritual walk, it is too, the same case.

Many times, our eyes, our blinded.

Our ears, deaf to the cries and needs of other.

And it will take an extra kind of grace to come out this stupor or illness or indifference to kindness.

Let me end my reflection today with a line made famous by many and numerous West End  and Broadway productions as penned and inspired by one of  Victor Hugo’s most memorable work:

“ To love another is to see the face of God.!”

The be all and end all is LOVE….where God abides, love resides is another beautiful quote I just encountered yesterday.

If you please, spend the next moment reflecting on this poignant and inspiring scene of the same production…where  we can all get the proper perspective of things…At the evening of our lives, when we take our last breath.

And this next one…to ponder on the powerful words and life of wretchedness and redemption.

May God be always glorified in each and every breath we take especially the last.

 REFLECTION QUESTION: Do you see the face of God in others?
Lord Jesus, heal me of my blindness that I may see You in others.( Fr.Erick Santos OFS from TKFDBR)

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