Monday, February 10, 2014

Goodness Gracious!

Fabulous February 10,2014

Marina and  Marcelina are playing with their scooter and bike in the hallway. Lunch of fried tuna fish and  lettuce salad is ready and waiting for Ruel to come home anytime now. A little of last night’s super yummy ( as per the kid’s reaction) of pork Sinigang is  awaiting consumption as well.

I just finished administering the California Achievement Test form E and F to Marina for her Seton Home Study  School  assessment. I hope I was able to be a good and faithful proctor doing so.

People who are still not familiar with how and what the principles and values of Home Schooling are or how it works,  find it really hard to wrap their minds around test being administered at home by no less than the parent.

The question foremost would be,  who will secure or make sure that no cheating  is happening?

My almost canned answer through these years is: If I cheat by leaking or giving my daughter answers or tips in answering the question/exam, who am I fooling?

Cheating cheats no one else except the cheater!

My honest to goodness answer somehow puts  any worries or confusion surrounding the validity of test results to rest temporarily to some, but seals the deal for me.

And just to share a bit of my principles and values in life in the area of Honesty, is this, the true test of honesty is when, you can truly, answer yourself, looking at yourself, your heart, and mind and soul and say, even without security guards watching, I will remain honest and true…especially when no one is looking because the Almighty One, is all seeing. All the time.

Forget Big Brother, or Home Land Securty wire tapping into all Snowden can reveal, our integrity as a person,  should remain, in our real and authentic nature, our GOODNESS.

*** *** ***

I had to do diaper change. The weather is still so chilly. It is 20* but feels like 11* for me. Thus, diaper change is more frequent that usual. Anyway, my little one was so up early, that, I had to give her time and attention because she wanted to read stories. Meaning, make her own stories about this and that, wide eyed and so eager to practice her “ Once upon a time!” mixing up the sounds and adding  S to beginning and ending sounds. She loves to do that. I refrain from correcting her too much, she doesn’t like to be corrected. Sounds familiar.hahaha… As my dad would say, Ang Mangga!

Meaning to say, what would a Mangga or Manggo bear? But, if not, another Manggo!


I had a nice chat with my sister Hazel yesterday!

I so miss them.

** ** ***

Please allow me to quote once again from The Kergyma Family Daily Bible Reflection by Father Erick Santos OFS,

May we seek healing for our physical sickness, emotionalbondages, financial difficulties and spiritual struggles today, as we seek totouch His cloak every day as our faith response. 

REFLECTION QUESTION: Have you experienced touching the Lord and being touched by Him while at prayer?

Lord Jesus, I claim healing of my infirmities in Your mighty name.

Our Lady of Lourdes,  (feast day Feb.11) please continue to intercede and pray for all of our intentions and prayers.

 photo credits:
pictures of sisters Marina and Marcelina and Chinkie and I,  in the shore/beach of  Sealine one fine day!

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