Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dazzling Qatar Total Open 2014

Fit &  Fab February 16,2014

Simona Halep!

Hanep sa galing!

Translated as:  Amazing  greatness!

I kept  asking Ruel, hey, why am I so into tennis lately? I have never been so zealous in watching matches …even in  the time of Cris Evert, Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, Billy Jean King,  Martina Navratilova or  Andre Agassi or Hinges ,Seles or Graf.

Ruel too was at a loss for a possible explanation.

Last  Feb.10, I did not go with the kids and Ruel to Khalifa Stadium to watch the games cause, like I said, I was lukewarm to the game.

Now, since the Qatar Total Open 2014 is live on Ooreedoo sponsored  TennisTv here in Doha, where you are able to see and know more about the players, catch them in slow mo for the important point or serve, one cannot help being bitten by the tennis bug…and I am definitely hooked.

My goodness, I just wanted to see in live action the Williams sisters. But, since Serena is injured, my only chance was Venus. And so, yes, I was able to watch her loose to the rising star, Petra Kvitova  of Czechoslovakia. And, I have not wanted to miss anymore games.

Last night was so exciting between Simona Halep ( Romania) and Agnieska Radwanska( Poland)..and am so looking forward to the match tonight between Halep and Kerber of Germany.

I missed the game between Kerber and Jankovic ( Serbia) but so enjoyed the game between Jankovic and Petra Kvitova.

** ** **

This weekend was so jam packed with this and that.

We all missed an invitation to go back to Sealine in Meissaied  to try out the dunes with an ATV and  or the camels again. Ruel and I  had these troublesome headache  Thursday night. I guess too much of his roasted peanuts while watching the tennis matches.

Also, we were expecting workers to come and repair once and for all ( 1 year in the waiting) our bathroom ceiling which has it’s mouldings  peeling off and  ugly due to a water leak from the upstairs flat.

We are so happy with the outcome. It so nice to LOOK UP each bathroom visit!

I am also happy that finally, my constipation, due to all the flurry of activities and excitement, has finally ended. It gave me such a  discomfort last night.

I really felt so sick that I was left behind in the parking area of the church last night cause I felt so bad and dizzy and faint!

The last part of the weekend’s event…that of my neighbor’s  abrupt departure for China, has maybe left a  shocking in print in my psyche last night to the early morning today.

I offer my sympathy and prayers for XieXie.

** ** **

Today’s gospel readings are very strong reminders for us to maintain our balance of being  in this world and yet not of this world.

Jesus reminds us today, that He came, not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.

He reminds us about LUST and ADULTERY as just 2 sides of the same coin.

He tells us about the proper posture in reconciling with our brothers/sisters who have offended us or whom we have offended.

He asks us not to KILL or HATE as being very similar.

Jesus also encourages us to remain UPRIGHT AND RIGHTEOUS.

He tells us to make our YES a real YES, our NO a clear NO.

I want to tie this with the after game interview of  Simona Halep last night. Early on the game with Radwanska,  she was losing. Her game plan was not working. She wanted a fast game, but, she had to stop and make an adjustment so she could be more aggressive and advantageous over her opponent.

And  she proved true to her goal and form!


So smart!

In the same way with our walk with our Maker and Guide, we must be ready to conform to His teachings and counsels. If  God advises us NO!

We should learn how to adjust our actions and YIELD!

Just like a maturing and responsible tennis player.

One cannot be just purely  EMOTIONS…one has to have a MENTAL FRAME of MIND, that is focused on the greater POWER, with WHOM we can access power/strenght and gather unbelievable  PROGRESS AND RESULTS with… and NOT WITHOUT in our lives…

That is why every time HALEP needs to be reminded of this she makes the  ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN sign of the cross, on the head, right shoulder, then left…and she points UP as she returns back the GLORY to her  Lord and  Maker!

REFLECTION QUESTION: How faithful are you to God’s commandments?

Lord Jesus, make me choose and decide on things as You would.(TKFDBR)

photo credits: Simona Halep (Romania) 1st picture, Agnieska Radwanska ( Cze) and  Jelena Jankovic ( Serbia) 2nd and 3rd photos all in Qatar Total Open 2014.

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