Monday, April 7, 2014

8 Things I Love About Qatar

Awesome April 7,2014

Today marks our 9th month anniversary in this beautiful land in the sands!
Last night, after the 7pm pass, which was surprisingly a healing, charismatic inspired mass, we went for some Shawarma and Vegetable pizza at one of our favorite Turkish resto’s along old airport road to celebrate this wonderful day.
It is a wonderful day because, it is a day where our Lord and our Maker, showed us He loves us so much   to answer our prayers to be one family under one roof.
Thank you indeed Lord!
Thank you!
There are so many things I want to blog about but today, I will devote my time and words focusing on the  TOP 8 Things I Love About Being in Doha, Qatar. Let us begin:

1.       The winter to spring months of cool to very cold and windy evenings are quite long. It starts from late  September or October to late April. It  over compensates for  the sizzling hot months from July ( the time we arrived) to August.  I just LOVE IT!
2.       Seeing Arabs in their spanking white Disdashas and the women in their chic  black makes me happy with  my affinity to the colors. I love wearing blacks to camouflage  my figure and white as well to feel cooler in certain days. So BLACK and WHITE for me has never been so as pleasing as now!
3.       Corniche and downtown Al Dafna. The color of the Persian gulf is such a wonderful shade of blue and green especially at this time of the year!  It is so refreshing! Looking at the exciting architecture of the various skyscrapers  and how they sparkle and shine at night makes it so enchanting and mesmerizing. It reminds me, that all things are possible. One just has to be bold and dare to dream and take those steps to realize them.
4.       The flower filled parks, street islands, roundabout and landmarks. It makes the ride more lovely and pleasant each time.

5.       Souq Waqif! It is a quaint market of almost anything and everything you can imagine. The old buildings and architecture makes you travel back in time and give you glimpses of what a different kind of world it really is here in the middle east. The unfamiliarity and newness  of  everything  foreign is still so exciting to discover and learn more about.
6.       The camels and sand dunes of sealine beach. The smiling face of the camel reminds you to be patient  at the face of the harsh realities  life and to grin and bear it with a pleasant face.
7.       Baklava, a sweet, flaky, almond and honey delight that is such a treat!
8.       Arabic call to prayer. The reminder to pray is so divine. The priority given to it is sterling and laudable. Each time I hear it on the radio, it is an opportunity to hook up to THE source of all power and strength.

God is good!

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