Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 23

Awesome August 23

I started the day quite early despite the fact that I had to get up 3x for LILLI’s feeding and a 4th time for Marina who had to run to the bathroom due to a bum stomach.
I guess, I am so psyched to achieve my goal this month end till the next month.
Go! Go! Go!
Today, I pushed myself to my limits despite the attention my back was calling for.
Despite the sharp claw like pain in my CS wound....I still went ahead doing my TO DO list...trying not to complain one bit.
Just last Friday, it still trickled some spotting. Hmmm.
Nah, I will just hold on to what my OB said, it has healed well and the ULTRASOUND test was all ok 2 Fridays ago.
I want to talk about the good ole MANZANILLA. I just recently discovered that it is not only good for baby’s gas/colic discomfort. Since it has Chamomile and Citronella, It is perfect for repelling mosquietos.
Good heavens! Dengue is back with a vengeance.
During my last Pedia visit, I asked Dr. Gonzales if it is ok to use OFF LOTION on LILLI’s soft delicate skin. He said no. Unfortunately he did not offer any other alternatives. Good thing to internet sleuthing, I discovered that my dependable MANZANILLA is the best alternative.

This morning, before test driving again our baby carrier, I tried offering LILLI my boobs again. Hmmm....she refused it.
I hope and pray to be able to restore back mixed feeding. Please Lady of La Leche, pray for my petition.
I still want to breastfeed her and am desirous to breastfeed her more in the coming months.
But, ever since, I got so preoccupied with something else last July 16...our nursing time has been so much interrupted.


Similac HW and Similac PLUS from Abbott.
I wished to have introduced to my daughter what MARINA was taking before which is the Frisolac, Frisomel series by Mead Johnson. Unfortunately it is no longer in the market.
Thus, I had to make do with what the Pedia in the hospital prescribed.
My initial experiences...
The milk burp is super awful. It smells like Piattos cheese flavour.
Then LILLI developed terrible colic so I switched her to the HW of the Whey protein one. She really ballooned in less than a month of use...Feeding schedule was narrowed down from 3 hours to 2 then 1.5 to 1 hour interval.
Then she developed colic again.
I was seriously considering shifting her to the Lactose free.
Then, I noticed something odd in the texture of the milk granules especially after I saw that unconsumed milk exhibited something weird in less than an hour. The liquid separated to the bottom and milk-like substance floated on top.
It was somewhat curdling if the process of turning into cheese has already been initiated.
Abbott sent a representative to replace 2 480 gram cans at once.
Till now, they cannot explain to me the phenomenon and why the granules are not consistent. In one can, it is yellowish and very fine powder. In others it is almost grey like white and coarse granules.
The new gold color packaging of the HW can, ushered in new experiences.
Initially the white HW can was a pleasant change why? Because, my daughter did not burp out milk so much and it did not have any smell at all. Unfortunately with the HW gold can....we are back to an awful smell. Likened to that of an old aparador with musty odour.
That is why I really am so dead set to bringing back the breast friends experiences.
Lord, bless me.


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