Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ninoy and brothers remembered

Awesome August 21, 2011

Today, I light a candle for the person who died unselfishly for his country and believed that it was all worth it.
Tonight, as the sun sets in the horizon, I salute to all those unsung heroes who continue to toil and fight the good fight not only for their selves but most especially for others.
I pray for the millions of OFWs who risk life and limb overseas just so their families back home will have a chance at having a decent lifestyle.


As we almost end another day, another weekend, I praise and thank the Lord for big families.
Last Sunday, I bumped into my brother Chubby at the SM Megamall church and had an unplanned lunch together with my troop.
My new born, barely 3 months old, was with us...I dunno, I can’t stand being away from her. So, she came along.
It was a good thing Uncle Chubby was quite game to baby sit her for a few minutes while mama had to take care of something in the grocery.
Today, my other brother Pong, and his charming wife Jenny with Kyle and Keno paid us a visit. Lunch was made more yummy with all the swapping of stories and jokes.
My sister in Canada, Peach, with Vince & Lexie joined us via SKYPE.
Thanks to technology used properly....ties that bind are more bonded and strengthened.
God is good, indeed.

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