Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Awesome August 22

It is almost quarter to 10pm.
I have decided to turn off the WIFI system.
“Mom, are you still gonna internet or something?” Marina asks.
It took much effort and resolve to pull out from my reserves some more patience for a very obnoxious 8th year old.
Home schooling and child care has been a struggle to juggle.
Almost every day, I remind myself of the reasons why I do this.
I just checked out a wonderful text message to me of a few days back.
I had to savour the wonderful message once again.
I am what you would call...a sputtering, choking piece of GI jeep of the last world war, trying to still make a go of a new lease in life. Mustering enough will and effort to really make this work out for me.
Hmmm....I guess, in trying to be articulate, I am getting more vague as I trudge along.
Suffice it to say....this is quite a challenging day.
I am quite disappointed.
And that is as far as I will allow myself to go.
This is not an angst blog.
This is a venue to transformation, metamorphosis, re-invention.
Instead, I quote a forwarded text message, which is a beautiful short prayer actually.
“Lord, at the start of this day, I pray for wisdom to sort my priorities...let me keep my sense of humor & enjoy a hearty chuckle. Calm my nerves with mental flashes from your Word..and at the end of the day, let me genuinely say, ‘Thank you Lord for giving me such a wonderful life. Amen. “
Amen and Amen.
Let me count my blessings for this day:
1. Early morning errand to Mercury with my beautiful daughters. It was like a breeze and no hassle.
2. The QA test passing mark of the Looney Tune baby carrier that makes baby and me happy in doing errands with my hands free. 2nd use and we are getting better at donning and removing it.
3. Hello of 2 elderly neighbours who of course were thrilled at my bundle while pretty ate basked in their praises of her sibling.
4. Surprise visit of another neighbour who shared our lunch and sent me back a piece of cake.
5. Noble accomplishments for the day, with the super will to ignore the discomfort of back and belly.
6. Marina, being able to master the These are, Those are, This is, That is and were and where.
7. Marina, giving wonderful actions to her poem, As Quick as a Cricket.
8. Marcelina and I enjoying her ritual bath.
9. This rainy night making it cool.
10. At last, this quiet time to collect and be with my thought as the little ones are in deep slumber now.
God is good, all the time.
All the time, God is good.

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