Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hayden & Jeoffrey KHO

Awesome August 20,2011

Today, I resolved to end this day, feeling and believing that this yet another wonderful and beautiful day ever.
What a nice way to cap a day with an unexpected call from a long time friend from high school days.
Jeoffrey Kho.
I was caught between nursing the wound of my first born and cleaning my new born from her 2nd # 2 for the day.
I wondered how he got my landline. He already also forgot.
As we forgot when the last time we met.
His memory is foggy as well as mine.
I just was thinking of him cause he was mentioned by a classmate in FB.
And my thoughts led to Soraya, his sister, my classmate, who will be celebrating her birthday this August 24.
I cannot forget Soraya or Maya’s birthday because, our birthdays are just one month apart.
And so, it will remain always like a milestone and will be forever remembered.
That is why maybe I feel so high that Jeoffrey or Duke took the time to dial my number from his Binondo hotel room and chat about this and that....growing old and updates on other batch mates. I am sure my regards and good tidings for Maya and another long lost classmate Ditas will be relayed.
I was also touched that he offered to give me a video copy of last December’s reunion, which I missed because of my difficult pregnancy. We were the sponsoring batch as Silver Jubillareans.
Whew! 25 years down ....How time flies.
Indeed, and it has been such a wonderful and amazing journey.
Jeoffrey still has his wonderful sense of humour when he claims that he has talents close to the very popular doctor with the same family name as theirs.
Really now Duke?
Remains to be seen or hidden forever?
Just give me the right video ok.
I do not like to be scared out of my wits with the wrong one.
And make sure...your offer stands good for us to test the fame and popularity of your longest ever zipline and white water rafting in your beautiful golden city of CDO.

Yes, definitely before we hit the big 5 0 .
You bet on that.
Thanks again for taking me down memory lane for a few minutes.
It was most refreshing.

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