Wednesday, September 7, 2011

42 in the Girth

Sweet September 7, 2011

I am typing this entry with just my right hand. My left hand is holding my just 3 month old baby while she doses off to sleep. The past 2 days saw her having very short sleep and more awake time. She easily gets startled.
She loves to be propped up in her horse shoe shaped pillow that also looks like a big tooth when she slides down it. Big sister and I call it MAGNETIC PILLOW.
She loves to have her baby chatter with us. Lots of cooing and giggling. And we have caught her several times making two syllable sounds like, yes, MAMA, A-YAW,A-KU!
Her big sister said AB-BA, BA-BA, DA-DA all in one breath at 4 months old. Making me think I have another chatter box in our midst.
The flip side to the coin to her day time light sleeping is her all nighter sleep. Whew ! what a relief! At least I am able to recover a little bit of lost sleep.
Big thanks to the Chamomile and Lavender Calming lotion that I have just introduced to our bed time ritual massage.
I just got the nerve to get the tape measure and find out what the mirror has long been screaming. Yes! It is a heart breaking number. I no longer think of the coke in can figure. NO! It is more like the Buddha which is not smiling. An Avocado. A pear.Hmph! And Selma Blair just flaunted her wow figure at the Venice Film Festival after only several weeks of delivering her baby and I am like...3 months now?
I will be calm and cool not bothered nor perplexed.
I promise to get to my target in my own KAIROS not in the CHRONOS of other people...besides not all people are the same .Not all people get to 42 inches in the girth the same way.

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