Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Cup Overflows


Last night, my hubby and I didn’t get to talk and pray together as he had some tickets for a tennis game. So, off he went, while I hit the sack heavily and snoozed easily. I forgot to remove my eyeglasses and put off the light.
I planned to put some Padre Pio healing oil in my lower back to ease the pain and discomfort I have been struggling with for days now. I could not budge in my lying position and just offered up a prayer of petition for some form of relief.
By some grace and miracle....I woke up feeling so good. No pain in my left step that shoots up and down my leg and body.
Wow...it felt so good.
Had several errands to do today.
One was to visit a good friend’s remains who passed away last Saturday.
I was so glad that the wife took the time to inform me or else I would have not known at all.
I took the chance to visit my mom’s crypt right after the visit to Brother Tony’s wake since it was nearby.
I miss mom.
Then Marina, Eleanor and I trooped to the Robinson’s mall to do some grocery shopping.
The short jeepney ride was again full of topics to reflect on. Maybe some other time for that.
I want to focus my attention on Sara Ban Breatnach’s reflection for today.
Escavating of one’s past to determine one’s direction.
She believes that the past holds a lot of clues to point us to the right direction in the future.
May I also add, it can also be a good guidepost for areas to avoid, bad habits to break and memories to say good bye to once and for all.
Lessen the baggage.
Lighten the journey.
Well, that is a nice thought.
I have never learned to travel light ever.
A weekend thing would see me packing so much that you’d think I was vacationing for a week or so.
Sara poses some questions to ponder on.
Tonight as I chanced upon a news clip of Celine Dion and her new baby twins...a sweeping view of her magnificent abode...summarizes my answer to one of the provoking questions by the author.
That is it.
That is what I want...if money is not a consideration.
La Dolce Vita indeed.
Anyway....dream away. It is so inexpensive. Practically free.
I want to cap this reflection with today’s bible reading from Psalm 23:5....my cup overflows.
Whatsoever state I find myself in...
I trust that it will suffice.
All I have, is all I need.
For my portion is from my maker.
He who knows everything and that assures me that all things have it’s own perfect fulfilment.
In His time.

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