Sunday, January 1, 2017

Home Schooling 101: A Social Experiment

Joyful January 1,2017

It is the first day of the brand New Year 2017.
I am so grateful for this quiet time with my thoughts.
The washing machine is merrily humming away.
My youngest is on the sofa drinking her first bottle of milk.
My eldest does not like to get up yet despite my gentle prodings.
We woke up at 12 midnight to greet the New Year with a prayer and some spaghetti and grapes and longgan.
Today will be a holiday for them.
Today will be a 2nd working day for me.
After 3  years attempting to, I have finally signed up to assist in the Qatar Tennis Open. I handle the chains to the Section A audience bleachers in Court 1.
After so many years of not having a job outside the house, I finally am experiencing a 6 day occasional job.
I have diluted and sifted  several reasons why I want to do this.
One of which is this: Children sometimes do not learn from verbal sermons and instructions and preachings and naggings…They have to see you model them.
Perhaps, you can say, it is a social experiment for me to learn from and show my children that no matter how lowly or simple a task or a job you are given…how are you going to value and do it?
I believe that there is no lowly or lofty job.
A CEO is no different to the cleaning lady in the restrooms.
So, how do we really treat them or view them?

Friends, today is the first day of the year. We don’t know what lies ahead. But one thing I know for sure — God wants you to climb your mountain.

       He wants you to keep on growing, to be wiser, to be more loving, to be better, and to be even more blessed.(B. Sanchez)

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