Monday, January 2, 2017

Home Schooling 101: Bring your kids to work day!

January 2,2016

Today, Marina wants to come along with me to the  Qatar Exxon Mobile Open. She is excited to spot Tennis personalities and stars.

I hope that we will meet some contacts I have established for her to be able to see what a Ball Kid does and be excited and eager to sign up as well for the next tournament.

The gift and the grace to do an honest  day of work is something wonderful to pass on to them at this point.

This is  where we need to be and we shall stop trying to be where we think we should be and enjoy the moment.

I asked her yesterday to draw up her plans for the new year , month to month and we shall align them to mine.

I am so happy and grateful that all the requests I had for them were accomplished for New Year’s eve preparations.

Traditional 12 fruit basket.

Red ribbon grapes on each door arch.

Marina cooked Bibingka in muffin pans.

Ruel and Marcelina enjoyed making the Palitaw.

I am off now to prepare for my 3rd official day with the tennis open. I hope I can get a photo with Novac and  Murray.

Yes, here we go!

 "Every job is a SELF PORTRAIT of the person who does it. Autograph your work with EXCELLENCE."

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