Thursday, December 8, 2016

Home Schooling 101: A Perfect Day


What is a perfect Home Schooling Day for us?

It would of course, start the night before when goals are set. Then,  starting the day with a prayer after the basic things are done.

Bathroom. Fixing of the bed and room.

One hour of chores while I prepare a hasty or deliberately special breakfast. Usually, it is  bread or crackers and spread.  Their favorite is peanut butter and jelly sandwich or  Nutella on Skyflake’s crackers.

Then we listen to the gospel readings for the day.

Then we do some worship songs and sometimes some wake up danceable tunes.

Then, while I am in the kitchen preparing for 2 meals ( hopefully) the girls start their seat work lessons. The target for the little one is 2 hours per day then lots of play time/ entertainment.

Our top favorite are Barney and Friends, Tea Time with Tayla and Peppa Pig.

Another option are the following for the 2 girls together or individually:

They have  one hour time with Joseph Hoffman on youtube for their piano lessons.
BBC  Learning Spanish.
Learning Arabic with Maya.
Katie Hill voice lessons.

Ruel comes home at 1:30pm  and that is the time we have lunch.

3pm is  Divine Mercy 3 o’clock prayer time with the chaplet.  Then more seatwork lessons until 6pm.

Marina should be clocking in 5-6 hours of home school time with one hour or more seat down sessions with me for quizzes and reviews.

Another one hour or so with her dad for her  Saxon Math 7 and her SAT reviewer.

We observe the Angelus at 12 noon and 6 pm and then Rosary time is before bedtime around 9 or 10 in the evening.

No TV time is the general rule for weekdays which runs from Sunday to Thursday.

We have movies on  Friday  or Saturday evening on the television depending on the load of activities for our weekend.

Thus, a perfect day for us would be a balance of  chores, prayer, academics and the music, arts ,games/dancing /exercise and  entertainment and rest while we attempt to achieve our targets.

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